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Monday, December 31, 2012

Kitchenette @ PI

Passed by Kitchenette Plaza Indonesia for hundredth time but only this time, I made a time to try it on. Well, I recalled seeing the menu and didn't really fancy it. But since, my gal pal wanted to try this so I thought should gave it a shot.

Anyone passing by would be intrigued by the open design concept of this restaurant. It was one of the success stories of Ismaya group in the early days.

It was still packed even at 2-3 pm and the waiting staff showed us to a table that was not to our liking; afterward, she left us and we though of asking for other table. A guy came and asked us whether we wanted non-smoking or smoking area. Then, I overheard he told the girl who showed us the table to always ask the patron which area they prefer. So, he shifted us to the other side which facing the Bistro Baron.

The famous lemonade was not in stock for the day, so I ordered the Lychee Fruit Elixir; it was good though. I think Kitchenette has better drinks than their foods, well, unless, you are a big fan of pancakes.

Either they are shorthanded in staff which I hardly find in Jakarta or the staff were quite ignorant. Needed time to call or look for them.

I felt kinda full for lunch so I thought of ordering something light, quite surprised to see Ratatouille in the menu.

Well, after the experience, I don't think I wish to return here for a meal; for a drink and light pancake, yeah....perhaps.

Nice fittings

The open concept was the first that gained success in this mall
The menu
The Lychee Elixir..quite good!
Battered Fish Dory Fillet over sauteed garlic spinach and mediterranean sauce
Oven roasted barrramundi with ratatouille & sauted black olives...It was fresh and nicely balance, a tad too saltish but overall, quite good for this raosted barramundi

Kitchnette Restaurant and Creperie
Plaza Indonesia Extension Level 1 Unit E16
Jl. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Tel: +62-21-2992-3580

Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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