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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Salt Grill by Luke Mangan @ Jakarta

When I read Salt Grill by Luke Mangan was going to open in Jakarta, it really caught my eyes. It seemed Jakarta F&B scene really caught investor eyes to open this upscale fine dining restaurants.

Following the same concept as his latest opened restaurant in Singapore, Salt Grill Jakarta is located on top floor of the Plaza, latest skyscraper of office building and prestigious apartments link to a upscale shopping mall, Plaza Indonesia.

Turned out, Salt Grill was not the only restaurant on the Altitude, name of this top floor area. There are 3 restaurants here, including Salt Grill; all related to Singapore restaurants. Gaia by Oso Ristorante presenting North Italian cuisine, Enmaru presenting Japanese cuisine and Salt Grill with its modern Australian cuisine.

I was surprised to see how all restaurants were quite packed that night. Interesting concept indeed, three different designs yet blended in quite well as one area.

Our table proved to be a good table indeed, I loved how Salt Grill Jakarta had a different concept than the norm. Instead of putting the table right to the window, it was pulled back and gave us a different perspective of the Table by the Window phrase.

The price was exactly on Singapore standard, I was indeed surprised, my host mentioned, it considered too steep then as in norm, it should have lower price than Singapore. It made sense as cost of living there is still lower than Singapore.

Service was good, same excellent standard as in Singapore restaurant. It seemed they were trained well, still got a sense that they were still a 'newbie' but they did know what to do and offered.

All of us ordered the same dish that night so not many photos to share here. Next round, I would be happy to visit Salt Grill again and other restaurants at the Altitude.

These restaurants at the Altitude are really the game changer in Jakarta F&B scene. It is getting more excited to visit Jakarta for its dining venues. But, it also made me amazed on the confidence in opening such a fine dining restaurants with steep pricing in a city where social gap is still huge yet they do see the market for those who can afford to dine here day by day.

The woodcraft as the wall panel was really reflection of Indonesian woodcraft work. Impressed
The wine storage cart near the entrance

Great detail to this staircase bar, the staircase that next to entrance and wine luggage compartment

The steel partition really caught my eyes, elegant yet striking partition design
Having an aisle by the window and pulling back the tables were something new that I encountered for the phrase of Table by the Window
View from our table to the city night view
Gorgeous view 
Another view 
Another reflection of Indonesian craft on the ceiling
Another beautiful steel handicraft as window panel adornment
Modern yet simple circular glass lighting
The U-shape sofa seating for 4 pax
Candle on our table as darkness slipped in
Serving counter behind our table and other tables
The big graphic on far end of the wall
Staircase to the bar area ?
Our wines
Mocktail of green apple and parsley, refreshing drink
Bread serving plate
Same standard of the soft bread and its vinegar and nuts dips; Salt Grill has the best breads to offer
Our medium well steak with red wine sauce and another with BBQ sauce served with green beans
It was cooked as requested, the sauce was good; it certainly made us full to order any dessert

Cute restroom signs
Glimpsed to the different area for another restaurant, next to the entrance 

The Lift Lobby, thought, it was so striking to see the wall artwork. Quite puzzled to see why they selected these tree wallpapers

Salt Grill Jakarta by Luke Mangan
The Plaza, Level 46 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Tel: +62-21-2992-2448

Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm
Friday from 11 am to 12 pm
Saturday from 11 am to 2 am

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