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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tonkichi @ Shaw House

Tonkichi has been my fave and only Japanese restaurant to have Tonkatsu; tried other restaurant but it was not as close to the Tonkatsu authenticacy as Tonkichi.

Been to Ngee Ann City outlet before, it was my first time at Shaw House; thinking the service standard woul be same. But surprise, surprise; the staff looked overwhelmed, forgetting the normal sesame grinder that comes with every Tonkatsu order, not as attentive as those in other restaurant.

Too bad, as for venue wise, it is the bigger with more elaborate decor and more Japanese clientele  but service was major letdown compared to other outlet, certainly not a Japanese service standard.

As for the tonkatsu, it is same standard as the rest. My fave tonkatsu is still at Tonkichi. 

Its pork cutlet, especially the Rosu, is 'fatless' and non-oily yet its tender and with the combo of its cabbage and sauce, it just superb. To me, it is the closest version to the one we had in Tokyo. Rest of its tonkatsu variety; such as Mentaiko Tonkatsu or the combo tonkatsu are also popular. They do serve Ramen and Sushi which also not bad at all. Overall, Tonkichi does serve a good Japanese food with specialty in its Tonkatsu.

I do hope the Shaw outlet improves its service standard and train the staff to be less overwhelmed during rush hour.

For Tonkatsu Dining, I will always go to Tonkichi. 

Nice glass partition

The 'Large' menu

Mentaiko Tonkatsu
Rosu Tonkatsu, my fave; it's lean and definitely less oil but its firmer

Cheese Kasune Katsu..For those who prefer tenderer version

Tonkatsu Ramen, also yummy..if it's a set menu, you can order any deep fried item
Ice Coffee Float

Tonkichi - Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts,
350. Orchard Road, Shaw House,
Singapore 038985
Tel: +65 68354648

Operation Hours:
11.00 am ~ 10.00 pm

Last order 9.30 pm

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