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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toss & Turn by Cedele

It was CNY holiday and I planned to go to ION/Orchard vicinity during the 3rd day. Was going through which shops/restaurants that opened on that day, I stumbled upon Toss & Turn. Then, I remember I saw it before during one busy evening.

Went there for dinner and few were around. I always dislike this counter ordering which you can custom made, I felt most of the time, this system will overwhelm any newbie. Especially when the staff stood and waited for you to order but not even offering any help to explain HOW to order. This was also happened at Toss & Turn too.

I read there was some sort of a combo for Small Serving = Basic Salad + 2 side dishes of meats + veggie. But when the staff as me what would I had for my basic salad, in my mind, it was only Salad Greens but turned out, you could choose salad rice, noodle, etc.

A bit confusing to mention what to order, when there was no List on your eye level, everything just as what they put on the tag in front of each dish. And even, one of the tags were put wrongly.

The quality of all the ingredients were quite good, it was fresh and well cooked for some of the cooked dishes. For the salad dressing, they provide a side counter which offered few options.

What I liked most was their freshly squeezed orange juice on the spot.

It was pretty disappointing to see that Toss & Turn by Cedele didn't really give too much thought in staff service; when the concept was good. It reminded me a lot of the healthy chain concept in London, where it such a refreshing lunch/dinner time to have something healthy but still tasty.

Sadly, to me, Cedele failed to jump start this concept (for the time being); considering how lousy the explanation board and staff service. Maybe, it was CNY period so it was lack of staff but still, not enough attention given to the ordering system.

I don't think we will resist this healthy food concept but a proper and think through should be given.

From that day experience, I am not sure whether I would return here when I have a craving for healthier and lighter meal... Good lunch option for office crowd, though..

The bright lime green wall certainly caught your attention, Toss & Turn located opposite the Food Opera
Some healthy snacks on sale
Simple attractive idea of plant pots
Dressings & Seeds counter..I do think it was a good idea..
The ordering counter
View to the entrance
My small size salad, a combo of greens as the basic, then bacon bits & black peppered de-shelled prawns, edamame beans and corns.
I think the dressing I chose was something of orange wheat something, the healthier of the lot
The prawn avocado rice..the rice felt like kouskous, it was okay but certainly a good healthy rice combo

The freshly squeezed orange juice
 Nice effort and I do hope there is some improvement to keep the interest going..
Toss & Turn by Cedele
Salad and Soup Bar
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard
#B4-55 (Opposite the Food Opera / Food Court)
Tel: +65 6636 5835
Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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