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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Heard the hype on Skye few months ahead of my visit to Jakarta; heard how great the lounge outdoor design by local architect firm with a magnificent view to boot as it perches on top of Menara BCA 56th floor; heard how the youngster went crazy putting the Skye logo on their profile picture in Blackberry Messenger.

So, we went with a reservation for dinner and visit the lounge area, diner can roam around pre or after dinner from the adjacent dining area.

Yes, it was quite breathtaking, especially the view, seeing the CBD area from that angle. I think the design does fit the atmosphere with its modern open patio design, it did remind me of Ku De Ta in Seminyak though, with its on the floor cushion. As expected, group of girls were vying to take photo with the skyscrapers as background. Difficult to do so as the standing area is quite narrow.

The indoor seating of the lounge with its bar is another modern chic design that I do like; unfortunately after 2 snaps, the security officer tapped me on my shoulder prohibiting further photo taking. Perhaps the Ismaya Group (owner of the venue) is wary others will copy their restaurant design? I found it shouldn't be an issue as how many venue is able to secure such a height and a view in Thamrin area?

Anyway, we went to the adjacent dining area ushered by the reception lady in black (too many reception ladies in my opinion) We were seated next to the glass window panel (Yipeee...) with the long bench as seater and 2 seats facing the window.  But, there was 1 missing chair though, I looked around and noticed, the table next to us which seated an elderly couple, carrying a toddler whom made a fuss, few adults squeezed in and it did drag one of our chairs to seat these adults.

Once I saw this table, I knew Skye didn't have the correct patrons they aimed to be. The lady usher went to get a chair for us but I already noticed that on our plate; one plate missing all the cutleries, to my left - the plate missing a fork; which these were obviously happened as 2 tables next to our table, instead of Asking the staff for the Cutleries needed, they thought by grabbing unoccupied cutleries were better.

You do know when I said these patrons are certainly not the expected targeted patrons for a venue such as Skye.

The lady usher politely asked the crowded table with the toddler to return one of its chair, as it was supposed to be 5-seater table, with 2 adults seating at the bench but currently was occupied by 'grandma carrying toddler and a big baby bag'.... Sighhhh....

It did put off my appetite a bit seeing this, I didn't ask for cutleries replacement yet as at first, I wanna wait and see whether the staff noticed it. To my avail, he didn't after taking our order so I needed to ask for it.

The menu was limited and didn't find anything that appetizing, it was like Japanese and Western Fusion but we weren't so clear how the fusion works. Let me tell you, it was disappointing; the fusion was just wrong, it just cooked with no real expertise, it fitted more like for finger foods/snacks/sharing and not proper dinner (considering this is a proper dining area and not the lounge), the alcoholic drinks also a big letdown considering the price they charged.

And to my horror, my mocktail which supposed to be virgin, did contain some liqueur on the bottom; only to realize it after I felt light headed.

Could tell the staff was not trained as professionally as the one at Union Brasserie; come to think of it, I felt most of Ismaya Group establishments have similar service standard.

Dining area was packed by the time we were leaving but I could tell that the patrons were mostly those who heard the hype but did not use to come to this kind of venue.

Not going to return for dining here at anytime. Can consider the lounge/bar visit but again, to order drinks and finger foods with the poor quality and that pricing, it is a bit discouragement.

I felt Ismaya Group failed this time to assemble a nice dining venue this time; only the City View and Interior Design that impressed these patrons but the essential parts of a dining establishment which are the food, drink and service fell flat.

The famous Skye logo
An open seating area
Paper arts along the lift corridor to the reception area; to the left is the lounge and right is the dining area
The Bar

Transitioning to the Dining Area
View from behind our seat to Bundaran HI

Everyone agreed that the View was the only thing that awed us that night at Skye

Cheeky Drink Menu

Forget Me Not; it certainly made me not to forget this cocktails. It was supposed to be combo of Lime, Apple, Raspberry syrups but liqueur was on the bottom of the glass. I guess the bartender must had forgotten it was a virgin drink but too lazy to change the glass
Cheech N Chong, a smoky apple, olive, lime drink with bubbles; a so-so and not bubbly at all

This falls under Japanese, Sashimi of Salmon with scattered mandarin orange, garlic crisp and ponzu; This was not a sashimi, it's more like carpaccio. The shaving of salmon was so absurd and this was priced at Rp. 75,000 (!) All you could tasted was the garlic and cut chilli
As it was so limited, we also opted for Paella of prawn, chicken, squid, chorizo and saffron. It was not special and it was as if, just cooked and mixed together. This was supposed to be one of the 
Star Dishes
School prawns deep fried in red rice batter with a soy and mirin dipping sauce; this was a dish that I never thought looked so much different that what I imagined reading from the menu description and there was no special taste on the prawns either.

The night view before leaving

The restroom design was impressive but that's all I being impressed with Skye, only the view and design but other essential parts required of a dining venue fell flat

Skye Bistro and Bar
BCA Tower Lv 56
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No 1, Jakarta
Tel: +62-21-2358-6996

Opens daily:
For Restaurant from 10 am to 11 pm
For Bistro/Bar from 10 am to 1 am

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