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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Catalunya Singapore

Been dying to visit Catalunya when I first read it and seeing the photos of its location.

Finally, went there for lunch as dinner were already full during this festive season; but, I do prefer lunch as I reason that we could take in the view clearly and a good lighting for photo taking of the dishes.

Made the reservation under Reserveit (don't you love this online reservations! Reserveit and Chope) Got a call from Bernard/Catalunya, a day prior to confirm. And I betcha he was the same handsome guy who showed me my table as he remembered I requested for table by the window..

My suggestion in going to Catalunya if you are taking taxi; is to ask the dropoff point at Fullerton by the Bay Hotel. The Fullerton Pavillion is right behind the Lobby entrance. There is a public space between the hotel and the Collyer Quay platform, go through there to the right and after the glass door, you would walk down the wooden plank to enter Catalunya glass door.

Greeted by a warm smiles and politeness when we entered. It wasn't so crowded when we came at 12.30 pm but it was getting more patrons after 1 pm.

Our waiting staff which I didn't get his name, was so courteous and friendly, able to recommend which appetizers, mains and desserts that he thought would be great. And it was!

He even so attentive as he swiftly came to clear our plate or dishing out the next course.

The dishes were fresh, full of flavour albeit a bit cheesy saltish taste on the sauce but still acceptable.

I think I found a restaurant which I can bring my guests to impress; top notch from its service, venue, dishes! I am sure it will not fail to impress anyone you have lunch or dinner here.

The interior design and furnishing are elegant, simple yet tasteful..luving it for sure!

Evening time will give Catalunya a different atmosphere; I will surely return for dinner or just having drinks here!

The Menu..Simple but Elegant
Such a simple and cute table decor

Simple table setting
View from our table
View to the dining area
Abudance of natural lighting..Nice...
Croquestas De Jamon, comes in 4 pcs..The Spanish Croquette
so pretty...ha! It was crispy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside...
Cod Fish "Esqueixada" / Tapas
It was delicious, the freshness of cod fish shavings against the onion was so refreshing

I didn't see this on the menu as all listed are Wine..but when I asked, this was the Virgin Mocktail of Pomegranate and Orange Juice and Mint..Refreshing!
"Suquet De Peix" - Catch of the Day grilled fresh and stewed with potatoes..
Loving how they served the main dishes in large bowl
Lobster Rice, the brother of their Paella, with fresh grilled lobster!
The extra bowl for lobster thoughtful

"Torrija" with Smoked Milk Ice-Cream, recommended by our waiting staff
The Torrija was like a fried bread but with its crispy outer layer and soft on the inside
Unlike souffle, the bread has its sweet taste paired with the ice cream with mango syrup and orange flavour, it just great taste and not too much as your dessert!

I just felt they put so much detail into the restaurant, even the restroom wasn't spared its charm. This was the wall finishing of its rest-room.

Catalunya Singapore
The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327      

Reservations: +65-6534-0886

Opening Hours is from 12 noon to 2am                           

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