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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kafe Betawi @ PI Extension

Kafe Betawi, how I love thee, so easy to find and so many familiar Indonesian dishes to choose.

It is everywhere in every mall you are in, with its great local dishes and drinks and affordable price yet in their own restaurant premise and not in the food court.

Jakarta original settlers are called Betawi, so this chain restaurant is really befitting its name and location throughout in Jakarta.

I was a bit full before our lunch here, even though, I was sooo looking forward to return here for my Asinan Krupuk/Yellow Noodle Cracker with its sauce.

The outlet I visited was the latest addition at Plaza Indonesia Extension, they do try to establish their outlet in every corner of the mall in Jakarta.

Beside the great local dishes they offered, you would experience the great hospitality from the staff. Even my dining partner 'complex' requests for additional items, such as some salt, pepper, few more small green lime; were attended promptly and with no fuss.

I highly recommend visiting Kafe Betawi if you are looking to sample local cuisine in a good restaurant and accessible everywhere instead of street-vendors or make-shifts tents. Kafe Betawi offers authentic but in a much better environments.

The Menu

This outlet has spread-out seating areas outside the Kafe Betawi inside seating

A different concept indeed
Yellow Noodle Cracker, usually accompanies Asinan Bogor; but what I love here was we can buy the cracker only without the asinan which I don't like. 
The separate chilli peanut sauce/Asinan sauce for the cracker
Ta-Daaaa! Here how it looked like. After we 'cracked' the cracker to smaller pieces, poured the sauce and added the sweet soya sauce...I am telling you, I can eat few plates of this in a day!
 Soto Betawi; soup with Belinjo crackers, beef cubes, tomatoes cooked in coconut milk
Bubur Ayam, another my fave dish
Too bad, I felt the porridge was too thick so it fast filled your tummy after few spoons.
My Soursop Juice; fresh squeeze juice...

Kafe Betawi
Plaza Indonesia


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