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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chock Full of Beans - Dinner

Stumbled upon Chock Full of Beans from Time Out magazine and I got to read it twice for the address as I didn't believe it is located at Changi Village. Really? Changi Village? That rustic and so laid back area which famous for its humble hawker centre and eating houses but never a modern cafe like this.

But true and behold, there it is, right at the corner of Block 4 Changi Village Rd. A modern cafe with al fresco and air-conditioned area. It certainly gave a breath of fresh air and from the looks of it, quite popular venue in this area. Not to mention I saw a Chocolate Cake shop which only sells chocolate cake and a fusion crepe stall which also intrigued me to visit it next time.

Chock Full of Beans or CFOB as it called, offers Set Lunch for weekdays, Brunch menu on weekend until 5.30 pm and Dinner menu with Pizza Menu only on weekend.

But I was looking forward to see their 'Latte Artwork' , well, my term in calling this innovative work. On their FB, they had even attempted a 3D version. 

Perhaps we came during staff dinner break time as no one was waiting at the door but upon seeing us walked in, the friendly staff promptly welcoming us from his break at the back room, gave us the menu.

For dinner menu, the emphasis are on the Pizza as it only being served for dinner weekend. Beside it, some appetizer, soup, sandwiches and pasta are on the list.

As Matcha lover, I immediately keen on trying the Honey Matcha and the friendly guy (too bad, I forgot to ask his name) mentioned to me that it was their latest drink menu so any feedback was welcomed.

Opted for the pastas and it didn't fail, the portion was just right, taste was good. It a simple yet tasty dish.

Perhaps it was just my hunch but I kinda had a feeling as if this cafe was run by a passionate group who just love doing what they were doing. It just gave you such a positive vibe from everyone working in this small cafe.

I often read about a gem found in the least expected place and for the first time, I felt this term applied to Chock Full of Beans.

Definitely will be back for their Brunch on the weekend..
Stay tune....

It certainly between the brick buildings at Changi Vi..
Thought the table top pattern looked so fit in with this rustic environment
The simple drink and pastry counter opposite a communal high table
The Al-Fresco area facing the main road
The wall treatment, with exposed brick and simple lighting..It fits in just nicely with the concept
The Angry Bunny on Cafe Latte
Never seen an angry bunny before..Ha..
My Smiling Bear Honey Matcha
The matcha sweetness was just right, it certainly reminded me of the matcha drink I had in Kyoto. It ain't easy making a matcha drink from matcha powder, so by mixing it with honey, I think it was a clever recipe

Linguine Aglio Olio with Prawns and Squids
The pasta springiness was just right, it wasn't that spicy, more to peppery taste and the prawns and squid were fresh.. It was good pasta indeed!
The freshness of the prawns and squids
Nice visual..Ha..ha..
Spaghetti Carbonara with Poached Egg
The creamy carbonara tasted nice, a bit bland at first but after mixing it and putting few dashes of peppers, it turned out as another great pasta too..
Wanted to try their home made carrot cake but it was sold out, so trying the Strawberry Shortcake..
Never thought of seeing the normally Sweet Looking Strawberry Shortcake VS Angry Bird..
Another thumbs-up, the shortcake was soft and strawberries were fresh..

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road #01-2090
Singapore 500004
Tel: +(65) 6214 8839
Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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