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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marmalade Pantry @ ION Orchard

Ah, the ever always crowded Marmalade Pantry at ION, I tried my luck in reserving a table before we arrived there and so gladly we did so. Even though, few couples ahead of us with no reservation still got tables (?) Beats me...

Clearly, they were short-handed by staff, and to make matter worse, the reception staff were only assigned strictly to 1 staff who also needs to seat the guests and took time to finally got back to the entrance area. It was quite bad, the group behind me who also made reservation was so worried that their table was given to someone else as they saw couples with no reservation was being led in instead of those with reservation first. It was like first stand first serve.

Looked like it is a popular spot for brunch here, the crowd keep streaming in; even a lady tried to enter from the other opening area (which connected the kitchen and the dining area) to ask whether her group could be seated at an empty table.

Read a glimpse that the cupcakes were quite thumbs-up in Marmalade so I was hoping my tummy could still fit in for the dessert after my Steak and Egg, under its Brunch Menu.

Surprisingly the food was delivered quite prompt (at first) then as noon progress, my green tea that I ordered with the pudding was forgotten. This is the thing that I dislike from any restaurant which has the staff who thought they have a very good memory (believe me, most of them are not), it will be more polite and accurate to just jot down either in code/anything instead of disappointing the patrons.

The food was okay and as for dessert, I did try their pudding and cupcake and it was quite good too. 

But seeing how chaotic the service was and even worse, some of the staff were not showing any friendliness at all; I felt discourage to return here. No matter how popular it looked like.

A bit puzzled on why they had to made such an A3 sized menu for Food and another for Drink? 
We waited here for 15 mins, even though, 2 couples ahead of us came with no reservation
The Menu
Our table didn't have the flower and salt & pepper shakers. Well, a result of divided tables?

Delicious; a fresh squeeze of raspberry, honeydew and rockmelon; a Good Drink!
Daniel Smoothies; Banana, Orange, Soy Milk, Natural Yoghurt and Wheat Germ; a good blend too! The drinks were not disappointing
My Steak and Egg; before and after pouring the Au Jus. It was quite good, well done but still tender. Didn't like the mashed green peas though. No one offering the salt nor the pepper...
Crabmeat Linguini with pine nuts, tomatoes and chilli

Smores cupcake; a cupcake name like I've never seen before; Graham Cookies lined chocolate cupcake finished with toasted marshmallow and chocolate shards. It was not too dry and a different taste of cupcake as it was consisted of all chocolate base.
Granny Smith and Stem Ginger Pudding with salted caramel ice cream; it was good but somehow there was like a mismatch here..

Marmalade Pantry
ION Orchard Level 3
2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Tel: +65-6734-2700

Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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