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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cassia @ Capella

Was not keen to try Cassia as it was located inside Capella Hotel at Sentosa, felt it was a bit far out to dine there unless you are staying at Sentosa island.
But as I stumbled on their online reservation from Chope, I saw some of the photos of their dim sum which looked so refined. And seeing the weekend dim sum menu, it was quite a different concept, I would say. So, hence the visit to Cassia.
As expected, it was a very quiet venue in a hot sunny day, we only saw scarcely of guests and staff. With all its white glass doors, within the building, it was quite difficut to see what was going on inside.
Arrived at Cassia and there was not a single guest beside us, we were greeted with smart looking staff and shown to our chic table. Its interior design certainly showed us that a lot of thought and attention to details had been put in to set it apart from just another Chinese restaurant in a hotel. From its different table seatings, its so Chinois chic looking lamp shades, the beautiful dark wood finishing and craftmanship.
When you saw how the concept was put together, your expectation of the dishes and services were certainly up the ante.
And the dishes and services didn't disappoint either, the dishes were excellent, it was presented elegantly and so refined; and the staff service was at its best form. The lady supervisor was able to explained and advised how to order their dim sum set and when I wanted to add on an ala carte, she took initiative as to advise me in wait and see until all the dishes came. Gladly, I took her advice as by coming to the dessert time, I was truly full and if we had another ala carte serving, I was sure I couldn't finished it.
To note about Cassia weekend dim sum set lunch, during our visit, it was arranged as follow:
  • A choice of four out of a selection of eight dim sum dishes
  • Healthy soup of the day
  • Choice of three barbeque appetisers\
  • Choice of one side dish
  • Choice of one main course
  • Choice of one dessert
Weekend lunch also includes a refreshing welcome drink, featuring Cassia’s signature chilled Hawthorn tea. But, we also were given Jasmine Tea beside the Hawthorn tea.

All in all, I would say that the dim sum here was like the Fine Dining of Dim Sum. Such an excellent experience especially if you don't mind the location and enjoy the elegant quietness at Capella.

Another experience of visiting Capella Hotel Sentosa was the feeling as if you are visiting an art gallery; with their intricate wall art, paintings, sculptures, flower arrangement, even down to how they designed the pool stones. Art and Artistic Items are part of Capella Hotel

Award on display as one of the Best in Singapore. Such an eye-catching wall art and loved those suitcases boxes

Entrance to Cassia
An elegant looking room
Loving this lamp shades
It was not your usual table seating, with its curved 2 seater sofa and separate chairs on opposite
Different chair for bigger table seating
A very elegant partition wall to wine and service area

Everything was so well thought of at Cassia
Simple yet elegant fresh flower with its elegant chinese tea cup
Our canape
Double-boiled Spare Ribs Soup with Tianjin Pear and Snow Fungus
The soup was well cooked and tasty
The Hawthorn Tea, it was something different as it didn't taste 'tea-like' but tasty with fruity and a bit of sourish taste. It was a good cold drink nonetheless in such a sunny day outside
My choice of dim sum: Har Gau (steamed prawn dumpling), Steamed Siew Mai with Fish Roe on top, Steamed Barbequed Kurobuta Pork Bun with Black Truffle and a dumpling that I forgot..
But, one word to describe all these was 'Fantastic'

Deep-fried Diced Scallop and Prawn in Vietnamese Rice Roll with Mayonnaise, Deep-fried Taro with Chicken, Prawn, Scallop, Mushrooms in White Sauce, Steamed Chicken Dumpling with Prawn, Peanuts in Chiu Chow style, Steamed Veg Dumpling with Black Fungus and Mushroom. I was in awe with the intricate making of the Veggie Dumpling and of course the plate leaves drawings...

Roasted Pork Bellies and Roasted Duck in HK style
Trio of BBQ items

The white fish with mushroom
It was a very good dish!

Yin and Yang Prawns
One was deep fried to perfection and the other was with orange sauce (?) that was cooked with perfection and precision too

Fried Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish
The salted fishes played a great role in giving taste to this fried rice

Fried Rice with Seafood and Duo Egg
I felt it was a bit bland..I preferred the Salted Fish

Chilled Mango Pudding
Who would'd thought seeing the Mango Pudding presented like this, certainly not the normal mango pudding you found in other dim sum restaurant

Homemade Cream of Almond with Glutinous Rice Dumpling
With just a single sesame ball, it proved less was certainly more indeed, for Cassia set menu.
The tables and chairs were so elegantly chosen and with a different layout than standard restaurant seating
Cleverly modern water pond outside the dining area

A 'tall' over the ceiling and side wall of Cassia staircase
Loving this art installation which adorn the staircase from dining area to entrance/exit downstair
Going down to the restaurant entrance
Outside the white glass door..
Next to the elevator, I like how the envisioned all the arrangements in the hotel. Again, it just points out that this is indeed an Artful Hotel

Capella Singapore  
1 The Knolls
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297
Tel: (+65) 6377 8888

Opens Daily for:
Lunch: 1200hrs - 1430hrs
Dinner: 1830hrs - 2230hrs

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