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Monday, November 12, 2012

IndoChine Supertree @ Gardens by the Bay

Was excited to visit IndoChine at Supertrees, but not sure what to expect as I couldn't find many reviews on it.

Thought it may be similar to Le Jules Verne on Eiffel Tower experience, since Indochine is the only restaurant occupying the highest super tree at Gardens by the Bay.

I must admit that I was a bit sceptical when I saw months ago how IndoChine put the logo across the supertree, somehow, it was a bit kitsch with twinkling lights. But hey, I thought it must be seen from far away so that may be one of the reasons.

Couldn't find the online reservation at Reserve; I thought maybe it is still brand new, so their system was not up yet.

Called for reservation through phone and requested for indoor seating, I was glad I asked for indoor; the outdoor area had no lighting, only candle on the table, so, if you were having dinner, you couldn't see what was on your plate.

I would suggest to come around 6 to 6.30 pm to enjoy the view and you couldn't stop admiring the architecture and structure expertise applied when building this super tree when you stood at the outdoor area. But as night descended, it was total darkness.

Was upbeat when we arrived and went through the corridor which filled with IndoChine knick knack which you could purchase; it lead to the lift and I was already wary when I saw how they did the interior of the lift. 

It said nothing about the anticipation that may awaits you; perhaps I either expected it to be on par with Salt Grill & Sky  Bar at ION or Le Jules Verne at Eiffel Tower.

Arrived at 2nd floor, the lift opened but there was no reception table awaited us. We walked in to the door and was greeted by (I think) the restaurant manager which aware of my reservation.

Was lead to the low seating area, not the dining table as I expected.

Handed the drink menu which the pages were damp, definitely from the drink spills and it was not even dry yet when it was handed to me.

Limited meal choices and mostly deep fried; beverages were likewise, as if there was nothing special at all.

Seemed some tables were dining tables and some were on stools with long table facing the window.

There was some problem on the floor lighting next to us and the staff were interrupting us few times to fix it.

Staff were short handed and not properly stationed to each section, the worst thing was, our seats were next to bill counter but yet, the staff were still ignoring us. Difficult to get their attention as it seemed either short-handed or they paid attention more to big group diners.

What dismay me the most was how the did the interior for such a vicinity; it was Tacky with capital T; really! I never never thought I would encountered such arrangement nowadays and not to mention in this special spot that Indochine managed to acquire.

Disco balls, cow and tiger prints on rugs and seats, plastic leaves with twinkling colourful lights, Buddha statues on ceiling, plastic flowers, mismatch lightings everywhere; and the ultimate was the human-size of Roman statue inside the wheelchair bathroom. The bathroom was not even equipped with tissues and the hand dryer was faulty.

Total disbelief; really! Definitely not a place I would return and not to bring my guest for dining here.

We went to the Rooftop; which has sofas and table against the parapet. some standing table and a bar to whip out your drinks. Again, lighting was not so excellent and the plastic leaves were here and there. It may be a good spot to have a drink and enjoying 360 degree view to Marina Bay and surrounding areas.

There is nothing fantastic about the Indochine here; it is not a venue for special occasion and nothing to boast about. Trying to hard on the design which end up as a big disappointment.

Corridor leading to the lift
These lighting were okay but I already sceptic on plastic leaves but thought to complement the Garden by the Bay theme
Jellyfish? After thinking the corridor wanted to fit the Garden theme, now we were Ocean theme? Puzzled and it was so bare
Pasted flyer...
View from our seat to other tables with tiger prints, mismatch seating model too
Table placemat with transparent plates
Our table was more appropriate for group seating enjoying drinks and snacks
The leather bound menu, with pages that were still damp. They really pay no attention to anything here.
The disco balls
Stepping outside
If you were having drinks around 6-ish in evening; it would be a nice spot, but not when it is getting late.
Admiring these supertree grove design
The stools seating area
I felt this area was the best, if only they stick to this theme and consistency throughout the design
Lighting on one of the bars area, there were 2 bars areas
2nd doors to outdoor areas
Yes, I know IndoChine design is associated with Buddha theme but to have it displayed here and with those blue and red lights and plastic leaves...???
Enough said
Came after we place our order

Pussyfoot; fruit punch and fresh milk

Safe Sex on the Beach; Cranberry Juice, orange juice, peach syrup and a dash of grapefruit juice

Crispy Squid with Spicy Salsa Rosa and Barbequed Lime

Quite okay; as normal deep fried item. It was not too spicy as I thought

Grilled Kampong Chicken with Lemongrass, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Crispy Pancetta
The chicken were grilled nicely but the risotto were too soft
Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemongrass; we ordered a Jasmine White Rice to go with this
I did like this dish; the sauce complimented well with the prawns. The only dish I liked
At Supertree Grove
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
Tel: +65 6694 8489

Opening hours:
Weekday from 10 am to 2 am
Weekend from 10 am to 3 am

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