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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Odysseia, first time I saw it, I immediately thought what a difficult name they chose and what relevance would they have from that name to the restaurant itself.

It was newly opened, around courtyard area next to Galleries Lafayette at Pacific Place mall. I was a bit apprehensive to try the restaurant as few tell tale signs of this may came out as 50-50 chance of being a good restaurant could be felt since the beginning.

First sign was from the uncertainty look and body language of the waiting staff. We were told, at 6 pm, the venue was full and we reserved for 7.30 pm. Came back on time and was shown the table.

The menu was the normal western menu with a slight Indonesian name or touch into the dish. 

We called in the staff for ordering, she looked a bit perplexed but still coming to us, he didn't have a note with him but we thought this was the norm nowdays in Jakarta, which I personally dislike, preferring my order to be noted down.

Around 5 minutes later, another staff with different uniform (?) came to us and asked all our orders one more time. Well, well... I guess, it certainly showed, the owner didn't train their staff properly and it again showed, the owner may lack in experience as restauranteur.

Another 5 minutes later, the 2nd staff who took our order 'clarified' our drink order again. 

It certainly puzzled me, unless you are confident that your staff are highly trained in taking orders without notes (memorizing) as what they are doing in fine dining restaurant then I would highly suggest to train your staff in taking small notes for orders or for a more advanced and systematic would be the handheld devices. Even, fine dining restaurant sometimes failed the diners with this memorizing order taking, like Pollen at Garden by the Bay (in my blog)

Surprisingly, the food came promptly and it was actually quite good and the drink too.

We didn't linger long as it actually felt humid, not breezy as it was intended, I guessed...

This was one example of a restaurant opened not with a good preparation and value on proper training on its human resources to bring good service. A good restaurant is not always based on its good food, to compete, you have to strive with an excellent service in order to survive.

The pair of owls were so cute; seemed the theme here were of Owls and Rabbits
Intimate setting
Starlight, starlight on the ceiling
It did seem a cozy place to have a chat in a breezy evening
Centre area to accommodate bigger group in sofa arrangement
View of the gate as the entrance to restaurant
It seemed the opposite area had the starlights lighted on; so, the one on my side with only a quarter that was on made me thinking whether the ones on my area was faulty or they thought of saving electricity as it was near the Gallieries entrance which shone so bright ?
But, it did defeat the purpose of having those installed in the first place

The Menu
Rabbit, Rabbit on the Odysseia
Ice Tea with Lychees
Orange Juice

Mushroom Soup
It came in quite a big portion, creamy and thick enough
Quite a good mushroom soup
Aglio Olio Angel hair pasta with crab meat
It was pretty good too
Grilled Salmon
It was cooked evenly and the puree was cooked just right

Galleries Lafayette - Pacific Place
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
Tel: +62-8119590668

Opening Hours from 11 am to 11 pm

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