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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nam Nam @ Wheelock Place

Noticed Nam Nam first time when we dined in Canele at Raffles City, right next door but was still under construction. So, when we saw it was going to be another outlet at the basement 2 of Wheelock Place, right at the border from ION Orchard, I was pleasantly surprised and instantly thought, what an accessible location for Nam Nam.

We went in around 1 pm and waited for few minutes, the staff ushered us to the long table, shared sitting with others. 

Turned out, they adopted a bit of self-service ordering, like some of the Indonesian eating establishment here, with the ordering sheet and proceed to make payment at the cashier.

Ordered the Pho and the dessert as I was a bit curious on how the Vietnamese desserts taste like. 

Service was fast but a bit unpolished, don't be surprised as your dessert being delivered first than your main course, and when the staff wanted to clean your bowl seeing you stopped slurping the noodle/soup for a while.

I do commended the detail they put into the restaurant; from the modern but homely traditional design, to the authentic ketchup/sauce, to the utensils being used.

It is a perfect establishment for the busy lunch crowd during weekday and weekend in a strategic location yet affordable, with noodle and sandwich on their menu, it certainly attracts everyone.
Nam Nam Menu
Order Sheet
Drink preps area
The vintage tin cups

Table arrangement
Authentic Sauces...Phu Quoc, etc...
Table No. to state on your order sheet
The cooking preps area
Should've put a nicer door hook..

The small serviettes
Iced Coffee
Vietnamese Lotus Tea, it certainly different taste than normal tea but it was quite good
Pho Beef Combination
Pho Beef Balls. I do prefer balls instead of the sliced beef as it is easier. Nam Nam's Pho doesn't have the beansprout that usually we know comes with Pho Bo, it does serve a lot of spring onions
Dessert No. 1; the Fried Banana was crunchy but somehow I felt, you did not taste the banana too much, and the sauce was on the sweeter side

Dessert No. 2; Vanilla Pudding; which was superrrr sweetttttt....Not my dessert though...

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Wheelock Place #B2-02
501 Orchard Road
Tel: 67351488

Open Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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