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Sunday, December 30, 2012

B-Side Wakai Cafe

I found this cafe by accident when we were walking around Plaza Indonesia for a place to drink at 3 pm Sunday afternoon.

It certainly caught my attention with its black glass framing and those minimalist modern design, reminded me of Japanese style cafe. In a way, this is a 'Japanese' cafe as it is part of and next to Wakai Shoes brand shop. Even the name of the cafe suggested the type that Japs do like to use.

Perhaps it was time off for some of the staff as there was only 1 female staff; she was behind the counter, passed us the menu and asked us to take a seat while she would be coming later to take our order.

Again, what puzzled me always when dining in Jakarta was, no matter how small the venue is, there is always smoking and no-smoking section. I thought the smoking area may be the one facing the entrance but turned out, it was the one on the inside area facing the kitchen counter.

Looked through the menu, didn't expect quite a lot of option but it was decent enough, and it feels like Japanese fusion oriented. There are bento sets then more to side dishes and seemed like Specialized more on desserts. I picked the one that was quite not common, which was the Dutchess Potatoes. Interesting name, right?

Unfortunately, some of the drinks were not available so I just went with the normal green tea.

Made the payment at the counter and realized more staff came back for their shift hour.

If I had more time to spend leisuring around, I would be happy to return to B-Side Wakai Cafe for their dessert. It was really a good place to have a tea break but with no smokers for sure.

Cute name!
The Menu
The wooden create serving up as seats
The black framing glass that attracted me and the muted neutral colour of the decor

Totally getting the modern Zen vibe here
Cute and creative Xmas tree decor
This is the smoking area, it was in the inside...not a pleasant smell to walk thru to this cafe when they were smoker..

Typical of Japanese eye-catching
The fried potatoes served with spicy mayo...quite a delish dish!
Another Japs cafe trademark

This was on the adjoining entrance to shop and around smoking area, maybe that's why they put the Osim here
Really cute counter...

B-Side Wakai

Plaza Indonesia Extension Lvl. 4

Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta PusatDKI 


Tel: +62 21 29923907

Opening Hours: Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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