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Monday, August 12, 2013

Jamie's Italian @ Singapore

It was such a fanfare when Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant opened for the first time here. The queue was so long on weekend long before its opening time. So, when I got a chance to wander around Vivocity where it is located on a weekday before lunch time, I thought I would had better chance.

Walked to the restaurant around 11.30 am, not knowing what time was its operating hour which turned out to be 12 pm. There was already 1 lady in queue and I was the No. 2, not long after I stood in line, there were 2 ladies following me which kept saying their sons wanted to have lunch here but heard it was 'expensive' and this time even though without their sons, they wanted to see how it was.

It is a wonder sometimes to hear those 'complaining' how expensive this restaurant could be from grapevine/menu display (without prior personal experience) yet they eventually still go for it. I mean, if they are not happy since it is considered expensive then they could go to other restaurants which may offer lower price; why bother to queue, why bother to waste time complaining unnecessarily if you do have intention to try this restaurant after all. Prepare yourself in mind for a budget to spend. Try it once and afterward you'll know whether you wish to return again or not, at least you know it by yourself.

Back to Jamie's, 10 mins before opening, more corporate queuing in line. When it opened, the reception staff would only gave you a table if all parties were present. The 1st lady queue was still waiting for her friend and was asked to wait aside. I was a bit puzzled, if I only mentioned for 1 pax, I believed I would still be seated on 2-seaters table and then actually my partner could just pop up and still got a seat with me. The ruling would apply better for a group of 3 pax or more. The lady certainly felt it was quite unfair for her as she had been in line for longer time than me and it was only 2 of them.

Well, I got my table and my cheerful host came giving me the menus while explaining there were 3 special dishes for today, though, only 2 were displayed on the board. Thought, why not all the special dishes were on displayed there.

I couldn't really recalled what was the name or ingredients in those special dishes especially it were available for appetizer, mains, dessert and even drinks! Should narrow it to mains.

From its interior design concept which rustic modern to its menu which has 'half' or 'full' pasta portion and that cheerful, warm and friendly staff service, it was certainly up to Jamie's Italian standard like in UK.

Ordered the pasta which was fresh as Jamie motto, that famous plank of finger foods which I chose fish and special drink of the day.

Ordering service was prompt albeit a bit of waiting time and during payment, perhaps, most of patrons were asking same things at that time.

Will I return? Perhaps... to try its dessert as I didn't have space for my tummy during that lunch. But I'd recommend to bring more party for food sharing.

As how was the food itself, it was more to simple and comfort food than fantastic one which crave you to return often.

With online reservations fully taken up till end of the year, I guess the only hope is going there on weekday and be prepared to queue early. Hhmm, curious to see how long this long queue trend will sustain?
The logo

Merchandise counter opposite the reception / right side of entrance
There was these stool seating yet facing the mall floor and not sure anyone would seat here and looking at passerby ?
Bar Menu for these stool seating area

View to Dining Area
That famous stolen napkins from all over Jamie's restaurants

I do like the combination of blue sofa in this rustic modern concept

The chairs reminded me more of scandi design

The 1 page menu
My special drink of the day, I couldn't recalled its name, it had soda and lychee syrup with fresh limes

The stands for my wooden plank, from the empty tomatoes cans. Good and simple ideas
The Fish Plank
Cured & Crispy Fish, Italian, Cheese, Pickles, Crunchy Salad

The Pickles was below these ices which had pickles, green chillies, green olives and caper berries
On top of it was the beetroot-cured salmon and next to it was the crunchy salad. Made of shaved root veg with chili, lemon and mint

Part of the Cured & Crispy Fish was these mini fritto misto with yuzu mayo
Below photos were the roasted shellfish

Prawn Linguine
Fried garlicky prawns, shaved fennel, tomatoes, chili and rockets
I felt the prawns were pretty small though it was fresh with no hints of garlic though; the linguine was fresh and cooked al-dente
Till next time, dear Dessert
Jamie's Italian
1 HarbourFront Walk,
VivoCity, #1 165-167
Singapore 098585 
Tel: +65 6733-5500
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 11 pm

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