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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Violet Oon's Kitchen

When I read about Violet Oon's Kitchen, I was intrigued to try as she is a known local chef and Peranakan cuisine is her speciality so it is bound to be good. If it wasn't due of its location, I may had visited it sooner.

We arrived without reservation, thinking it was early for lunch, still around 11 am. Turned out, they opened from 9.30 am on Saturday and Sunday, well, they info we read from website and facebook was still indicating 11.30 am. Someone needs to update their opening hours info.

Walking in but no one paying attention as all staff huddle around the beverage counter. One staff saw me and signalled what looked like 'please wait' but didn't approach me. Stood for another 5 mins and no one approached us until I signalled again and the first guy who saw us instead of coming to us, he called out to his friend. This should had been the sign that something was not right in their service area.

The 2nd guy informed us that inside seating were full and since they were running full house, it would take about 40 minutes for the food and asked whether we were okay with it. We were fine with alfresco seating and waiting time for the food. I could understand the waiting period as I saw someone just collected boxes and boxes of food from kitchen, perhaps for the catering order.

Sitting at the alfresco for almost 10 minutes and not one staff came to us with menu. Tried to call but apparently, they were 'busy' standing by (again) at the beverage counter. Lost bit of our patience, walked inside and asked the 2nd guy again (apparently only him who was assigned to talk to patrons, even on the inside) whether anyone would be serving us if we were seating outside. He apologized and quickly gave us the menu and offered the ice water.

When I looked on the menu, turned out they served ' Western Style' brunch until 3 pm. I was immediately disappointed as our intention of coming here was to have Peranakan cuisine. Luckily, I asked him whether there was any Peranakan menu beside this and only then he informed us that by 11.30 am, we could order the regular Peranakan menu which was on the other page. And since, we were already past 11.30 am so we were entitled to order it.

Made our Peranakan cuisine order and then he returned to informed us that the Beef Rendang set was out and the Ngo Hiang which I read was one of the best seller was also out. We settled for other main course dish but then he returned and said, there were still 1 portion of Beef Rendang that we could ordered.

The food waiting time was shorter than those 'brunch' order cause we were the 1st patron to order this lunch menu while everyone else were still at the breakfast menu.

All the dishes were good, delicious and generous portion; perhaps too much for 1 person if we also had ordered appetizer. If there was no appetizer, the main course set menu would be sufficient to fill up a starving tummy.

Even though the location was not very accessible and if it weren't for the poor service, I would be happy to return here whenever I have Peranakan cuisine craving as the food was excellent but experiencing that kind of service on our first visit, made me hesitant to have our 2nd visit.

I like how they made the table setting simple yet modern from typical Peranakan

Black and White and Steel dominated this alfresco area; I guessed Mrs Oon's children added the touch of modernity when they had the idea to open her restaurant

This was another couple waiting for someone to attend to them

Ice Coffee

Ice Lime drink

Pie Tee with Prawns

This was the best Pie Tee I've ever had, prawn filing and those radish cuts were succulent and this portion were good for 4 pax. Presentation was so appealing to the eyes..

Beef Rendang Main Course Set

These beef rendang were tender, succulent, flavourful and huge portion!!
It was served with Indonesian Style Yellow Rice which was a plus point. Gotta try this!

Tempra Fish Main Course Set Menu
This dish was heavenly for any fish lovers..
I was expecting it to be sweet but it turned out well balanced and with steamed white rice topped with shallot, it complemented the fish tempra very well

Loving all these salad that went with these main courses
Will I return? Perhaps..but not that soon...
Violet Oon's Kitchen 
881 Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 279893
Tel: +65 6468 5430
Opens from:
Tuesday to Thursday from 11.30 am to 10 pm
Friday from 11.30 am to 11 pm 
Saturday from 9.30 am to 11 pm
Sunday from 9.30 am to 10 pm
Close on Monday

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