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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kitchen @ W Hongkong

W Hotel is always offering a different concept than your regular hotel, down to its dining concept. From its interior design to its food presentation.
I was looking forward to try Kitchen to see how different it would be compared to other hotels. Well, it was different alright. From its quirky interior design, buffet spreads presentation, different dishes offered that I've never tasted anywhere else for brekkie. It was a different breakfast experience at W hotel.
W Hongkong was no differ, they had interesting food counter display, quirky wall displays, different take of using drink or food containers.
It felt as if there weren't enough staff at Kitchen, though, the plate cleaning was quite swiftly done.
A bit disappointed on the food taste, well, it was okay but not a great breakfast. Selection was vast including local and international dishes. What I liked most was their drink selection, housed in a small milk bottles.
Its interior design and furnishing was what you expected from W, it was clever playful concept down to small details.
What I disliked about Kitchen was the seating layout, for centre tables, the spacing was too close, making it difficult to get out from your chair when next table was occupied.
I didn't take photos of the foods as it was like standard hotel buffet breakfast, what interest me the most was their concept and innovative take on dishes that you may not seen how it was presented before.
It was a good experience, the Kitchen food was average in taste but excelled in its variation and presentation..
Entrance to Kitchen from Hotel Lobby
These was those stick-on wall hooks, it was varied in designs and sizes
Newspaper and Menu Counter after the entrance
Cute ideas of putting corks as display
A Monalisa print with a beard
Not so 'enchanted' view from this floor
Wall seating area, mostly sat by families. Why there were lots of families in W Hotel a bit befuddle me cause it was not a family-type hotel
Rest of seating area near entrance
It was quite a spacious dining area, they did have a cute baby chair as seen here
Quirky table for wines, caught my attention on the legs
Still some seating here, going up the platform to drink and salad counter area
Corridor from dining area
Beverage and Salad Area, also some chilled dessert
It was very neat, clear and presentable counter
Special of the Day Board next to Chill Counter
Food Counter
These condiments were for the porridge
On opposite it, was the pastries and fruits area
I loved how they played with Red and White ornaments on the food area here
Open concept bread counter which displayed like art
Now, it was the first I saw these raspberry butter, blueberry butter beside the normal butter
For your cold cut selection
Interesting wall display, it was a glass-door cabinet like filled with plates, bowls and cups
Quirky and Playful
This was something like bunch of dried branches which styled so chic, I couldn't resisted not taking photo of it
Interesting stone coloured plate

Cucumber water housed in a mini milk bottle; apparently cucumber water maybe the drink trademark of W Hotel as I saw it at other W Hotel
Some pastries. Always too full if having buffet breakfast, no matter how small a dish portion you took 
Kitchen @ W Hongkong Hotel
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon · Hong Kong
Hong Kong China
Tel: +852-3717 2299
Opens daily from 8.30 am to 11 pm









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