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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Was so looking forward to this trip as it was a 'Foodventure' trip rather than shopping trip.

Chose Hutong to be the first HK restaurants and it was for our dinner. First reason why I chose Hutong was due to its location and window seating facing Victoria Harbour, thinking of the different perspective in watching the Symphony of Lights which plays out every night at 8 pm.
Another reason was my curiosity to see how it played out for a restaurant with modern classic theme yet focusing only to serve Sichuan dishes as its menu, not just standard Chinese dishes.

As minutes passed by and by end of our dinner, I was in Love with Hutong. I couldn't found any fault with this restaurant. Believe me, as someone who doesn't really like Chinese cuisine, let alone a very specific one, I was surprised by this experience. The foods and drinks were terrific, the staff were excellent with high service standard and every details in the design and concept was done beautifully to reflect what is Hutong.

We were late almost half an hour than our reservation time due to slight traffic and not factoring the distance from our hotel. Imagined how elated I was when the staff informed us, they still kept our table by the window! I was so so grateful especially when there was a group of guys before us who looked like waiting for a table, seemed they didn't have prior reservation.

From the sit down, it was cleared that Hutong could be one of my fave restaurants in HK. The cute table decor of traditional rickshaw on each table was something and they did have a life sized rickshaw at the entrance.

I would like to commend all Hutong staff, they were so attentive to every table even though it was a full house on a weekday night! 

Our waiting staff were able to explain and  even recommended which dishes that was less spicy and which one was very very spicy. Much appreciated his help with what we chose. Level of spiciness really true as what he explained to us even what considered mild was still spicy!

All dishes were done in perfection from its cooking technique, the presentations, the right balancesto make each dish so delicious and right down to its serving promptness (again, it was a full house that night) 

Yes, the view to Victoria Harbour and Causeway Bay/Central skyscrapers was an added bonus for our dinner, not to mention the Symphony of Lights show, it was a different perspective than seeing it from ground.

The interior design and decor of Hutong stayed true to Chinese trademark but it was done in modern way with its clever furnishings, the serving plates were so pretty with its vintage inspired prints.

It was a very fulfilling dining experience; from the location, the crowd, the staff, the design concept and decor and most importantly those delicious dishes.

If you happen to visit HK and you love spicy Chinese food and you wanna be impressed by Hongkong, please make time to visit Hutong.

I heard another restaurants, Aqua Roma and Aqua Tokyo, which under same group and 2 floors on top of Hutong was another great choices.

View from the lift/reception area to Hongkong skyline
Was the first thing we saw after exiting the lift; looked edible

Very 'Chinese' indeed

Stylized 'Chinese' theme menu

Appetizer of Edamame and looked like white radish (?)
View to Victoria Harbour

Gotta have Red Lantern in Chinese theme restaurant

All dark woods for the furnitures
Dimmed lighting but the positioning of ceiling spotlight just cast a good lighting on your table, to see your dishes

Our Starter; Green Asparagus coated with White Sesame
The asparagus was cooked in just right tenderness and with the coating of white sesame, it was just fantastic
This hot drink was called 'Fragrance'
Muddled fresh lychees with honey and topped with cloves
Never had lychee as hot drink and it was great!
Peach Delight
Icy peach juice with fresh peaches
It was done in right balance

Poached Wonton served with garlic chili sauce

It was one of the best wontons I've had and the chili just another fantastic touch
One word: Good Wonton and must try!
This was recommended by our fantastic host!


Prawn Meat and Bamboo Pith Rolls
Biggest portion of all the dishes, good enough for 3-4 pax
This dish was nothing like I've ever tasted before and as prawn lover, I LOVE it!
The prawn was succulent and I didn't really eat the bamboo pith. The bamboo gave a hint of sweetness when you were biting it together with prawn and it was quite a spicy sauce even though it was considered mild as recommended by our host

Crab Claw on top of crispy rice

As non crab meat lover, I was in awe with this dish!
The crab claws was done beautifully and when you bit it together with the crispy rice with its spicy and rich sauce

What a cute idea for Egg White Fried Rice with Conpoy

First time having the egg white fried rice with conpoy and I was in love...
It was not oily and it simplicity brought out the best of a fried rice
Watching Symphony of Lights from different perspective
Beautiful design concept; modernized Chinese theme restaurant with its traditional bits and pieces intact
View to Lift/Reception table

Loving this Wood Plank which designed as the Lift buttons

Beautiful wood carving at the lift wall
The other side of the restaurant which I didn't realized until we stood near the elevator. So glad, I was being given the seats with window facing to Victoria Harbour
What an entrance display! A tree with hanging red packets and a life sized Red Rickshaw which the miniature was the one you had on your table...Love it again! The design and concept was done beautifully down to its details


Not sure whether this mini stall selling few knick knacks were a permanent one. But we bought the Hutong chili sauce in a ceramic jar and it was Spicy! So true to its Sichuan trademark
Regretted that I didn't buy this Jasmine Blossom Flower Tea..

See you, Hutong...What a great choice to start my dining trip in HK!


28/F, One Peking Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
T:  +852 3428 8342

Opening daily from 12 pm to late

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