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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Backyard @ Langham Place Hotel - Hongkong

Was full of curiosity to see how does it look like when some of this establishment photos caught my attention on the web. Tried to do online reservation but apparently, it was fully booked until 'eternity date'. It was obvious we were not able to do reservation for The Backyard, perhaps, we were able to do it for other restaurants at the Langham Place hotel, at least put a note.

Called up in the end thinking it might be full since it was Saturday night but when we came around 6.30-ish, it still has few empty tables.

And the venue was certainly not as what I imagined would be from its main photo on the website. Yes, the al-fresco area was similar but it had lesser seats and tables. It was divided to 2 different areas and  this 'romantic' setting with trees branches covered with small lights and lanterns was at the upper area. Lower area was just normal al-fresco setting with some under the tents.

There was no reception staff waiting but once he saw us he attended to us courteously and friendly; not minding our switching seat, from table seating to lounge seating at the upper area.

Even though, I only saw the same waiting staff whom only one at that time, his service was admirable. By the time, we sat, there were more tables filled up, yet his service was prompt and there was no long waiting time.

It was a good ambience when the night descended but I didn't know why they didn't keep the layout on the upper area as what they presented on the website, its layout could be designed better. Now, it looked a bit bare.

Ordered the Snack Attack which included 1 gourmet bite and 1 glass of house red, white, sparkling wine, draught beer or soft drink; and an ala-carte drink.

The Mini Wagyu-Beef and Iberico Pork Burger which was their speciality was a really Must-Try bite, it was really good.

The backyard was a good place to have a chat and small bites and drinks but too bad, the layout was somewhat changed from previous year, making it looked a bit bare and not that vibrant.

But looking from the chaos of crowd from the streets and malls around this area, if you want to have a rest, The Backyard will be an ideal place. A relaxing ambience, good service and good small snacks and drinks to have.

View to the sky from our seat; lovely view

Somehow, the trees, lights, lighted lanterns gave you this interesting concept
Table seating area in the middle; it was only a row compared to two rows previously
Getting dimmer
Ordered the sparkling wine, it came with complimentary peanuts mixed dried-chili
This photo looked so well-balanced in arrangement
This was Ms.
Cranberry Juice, Strawberry Puree and Rose Syrup
It was a good concoction
Their famous Mini Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork Burger (3 pcs)
Meats was flavourful, tender and crunchy veggie in between
Really a good bite!
When night descended
View to lower area
Strangely enough, I felt this place looked better when we were leaving then arriving. Surely, night ambience played a role here

Pathway to return to hotel lobby

That cute red army soldiers statue, the statue symbol of Langham Place hotel

The Backyard @ Langham Place Hotel
555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: +852-3552-3250

Opens daily from 5 pm till late

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