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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Muthu's Curry @ Dempsey

It was like more than a year since we had our meal at Muthu's Curry and how we realized we missed it so much after our visit to their Dempsey Hill outlet.

Didn't make any reservation and came around 12 noon, the restaurant was done nicely and few tables were already filled.

Design of the restaurant was different from their Suntec outlet, here has clean and modern lines with high ceiling adorned with hanging adornments. 

Our welcoming staff was all smiles and friendly to perfection, as well as our order taking staff. Others looked a bit indifference but I believed the service standard was there.

Dishes came promptly and it was cooked to perfection which left you wanting more. At least, that how I felt after few spoonful of the Biryani Rice, the Palaak Paneer, my fave Chicken Tikka in kebab style.

In my opinion, Muthu's Curry has been one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore and it is one of the Indian restaurants where you could host your corporate guests and your friends and family in a good professional ambience.

Sophisticated menu and history of Muthu's Curry
The table setting
That white, dark brown and hints of orange and green
Wine rack and entrance to kitchen area
I think it's a good concept in having this hanging adornment for complimenting the high ceiling
Our plating tray
Strawberry Lassi
It was not too sweet, one of the best Lassis we tried
Southern Ginger Mocktail
Lime Juice, Ginger Juice, Soda, Sugar Syrup and dash of Mint Syrup
First time trying their mocktail and this was one a 'Perk Me Up if You are feeling sleepy'
The Free-Flow Pappadum, my fave, it was fried to perfection.
Not burn and just crispy clean taste
The Biryani Rice
Always a Star in every Indian cuisine. It didn't have the orangey colouring that we sometimes see in Biryani rice
Paalak Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese mixed with spinach gravy
It was cooked deliciously but I wish the cheese were cut into smaller cubes, it was cut into dices
Chicken Tikka Kebab (Top)
Boneless Chicken marinated in yoghurt, Tandoori powder and spices grilled to perfection
It was beautifully grilled and delicious
Crab Meat
Fresh crab meat stirred fried with green chilli, onions and dash of curry leaves
It was not too spicy and for those who loves crab meat, this would be a fave dish
Courtyard of the restaurants, seemed like they were prepping for outdoor seating
View of the restaurant 

Muthu's Curry
Blk 7 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249671
Tel: +65-6474 5128

Opening hours:
Lunch from 11.30 am to 3 pm
Dinner from 6 pm to 10 pm

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