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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Garuda Padang @ Vivocity (Closed)

Did not plan to go Garuda Vivocity but seeing the crowd during lunch time, I just knew there should be no problem in getting a seat here.

A pity though, the appreciation for a good food at Garuda Padang seems not gaining any momentum at Vivocity. I think by far, it is a good and best ambience of Padang cuisine in Singapore. The price albeit higher than normal family restaurant but in term of quality, presentation, ambience and service; they do win by big margin.

You can always expect a good prompt service at Garuda. However, by asking Ice/Warm water, there is a service charge of $0.30/glass, on on occassion, the staff did tell me but on this occassion, they did not.

To me, if you have any visitor/friend who are looking for Halal Food in Orchard and Vivocity vicinity with a good ambience, Garuda Padang is one of the good choices.
The all white furniture in contrast with cement style flooring..
View to the entrance
Ordering counters
Partition between few tables
Tapioca Leaves, the Daun Sinkong, which is a must for Padang cuisine. Garuda version is well-cooked with smooth gravy
Telur Balado, another staple that you will find in Padang restaurant. Garuda serves 2 eggs/portion
Beef Rendang, Garuda has the most tender rendang I've tried in S'pore, the gravy was well cooked too.
Ayam Goreng Bumbu, Garuda wins this dish by far from other authentic Padang restaurant..A MUST TRY!
The Orange Coconut, basically it's a coconut drink in a shell and they poured the orange juice..Not bad either, but I found the coconut meat was harder than at Orchard Central (which most of the time had tender meat).. I gave up trying to scoop the meat out..

Garuda Padang
1 HarbourFront Walk Unit B2-28
Vivocity S(098585)
Tel: +65 6376 9595
Opens Daily from 11.30am to 10pm


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