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Saturday, February 16, 2013

L'Atelier Joel Robuchon @ RWS

I wasn't familiar with Chef Joel Robuchon reputation, just knowing he is someone famous for sure! So, I didn't know what to expect coming to L'Atelier JR at RWS here.

Firstly, I don't like it's location at RWS as RWS is not associated with fine dining destination compares to MBS fine dining restaurants.

Coming to RWS carpark, it was a nightmare too; I didn't know, it was so packed! We walked around 10 mins to reach the RWS lobby and to my surprise, the restaurant was easy to locate. It was right adjacent to Universal Studio entrance.

I just found out too that there is a fine dining version and the restaurant version located side by side here. You could immediately see the restaurant after went in to the main entrance and to your left, it is the fine dining area with lounge area too.

I was pretty puzzled during my reservation when they mentioned my seating will be at the counter seating; turned out, for Friday and Saturday, the high tables seating are reserved for guests of 3 to 4 pax. For 2 pax would be on counter seating. Well, Sunday was already full so I went ahead with the counter seating.

Hesitated, yes; of course, as you were seating next to other patrons and then, the assigned staff would be chit chatting with you during the meal serving, it's definitely not a romantic dinner destination (in my mind!)

It was okay though, we did enjoy the service as the staff were excellent; they would explain what was being served even though my partner was having a set menu and the list was given too. There was some change of salad item on the set menu; around 1 hr later, they did give a new list.

I opted for appetizer, main dish and dessert for my ala-carte order and oh boy; how I loved my ala carte dishes!

We tasted the 2009 French sweet wines and I did like it, to my surprise! I was told that ladies would like the white sweet wines compare to the red ones.

The staff were immaculate and polite, they would chit chat and banter few jokes if they see the patrons were the chatty type and restrain from those who were quieter.

Every dishes were produced in a detailed cooking and presentation. I believed this post has most photos and longgggg comments compared to other posts.
Well, those pretty presentation inspired you so much making admiring it by taking more photos.

L'Atelier Joel Robuchon albeit the location, it is an Excellent French Fine Dining Restaurant and will give a lasting impression if you bring anyone to dine here.

I, for one, will return here and if possible, bring others to impress them. It won't fail you...

Your eyes are not playing trick on you; the Logo was purposely made as if you were seeing a double vision from this angle

Errr, I was told for Friday and Saturday night; for 2 pax occupancy will only be available at the counter seating as the high table and high chair will be given to occupancy of 3 to 4 pax. But, wait a minute, what did I see here? Wasn't it a high table with setting for 2 pax? How could this be and true to be guessed, there were 2 Caucasian Patrons who were seated there around 8.30 pm -ish...(Scratching my head and hope it was not some act of unfairness here)
The counter bar seating
I do like the colour scheme on this counter seating, the red glass, the placemat against the black countertop table, it gives you the seductive and intimate atmosphere yet sophisticated and pleasing to the eyes

Wait a minute, now..that what I thought should be for all high table and high chair seatings..a high table for 4 pax seating, right?

Not only the kitchen that was busy, the staff at the counter alley were getting busy too either serving, chatting with patrons or the chefs and then not too mention 2 young girls busy clearing the plates also walking by this area

The open concept kitchen where you could see all the business happening in the kitchen; from the mashed potatoes counter, the meat grilling area, the dessert area..Busy but not the Hell's Kitchen with Ramsay yelling scene, for sure. I was half hoping those grass or capsicum on display were real but you know it's not!

Some decoration on top of counter seating area...
First time tasting the French Sweet Wine, better than I expected, I did like it..a lot..
The Red Sweet Wine

The bread basket reminded me of those in Alessi..

It looked so pretty and I chose this soft bread as never saw such a pretty one before

Foie gras custard with red Port wine and parmesan foam
Hhmm, I was so hesitated once I read the Foie Gras on the Set Menu and was even more surprised to see that I also got a glass as mine was Ala Carte order. Still hesitated but I didn't see any Foie Gras shape in there, there were still chunks that I guessed was the item..If not due to my personal reason, this Amuse-Bouche was excellent. The parmesan taste was the prominent one here

Artichoke salad mixed with shavings of Parmigiano reggiano
Looked so so pretty and lovely for a salad...I just kept taking photo when this was served. It tasted good as it look

Le Shiitake
Pig trotter on shitake mushroom, sweet and sour vegetables and black truffle
If it wasn't of the Pig Trotter in this dish, I would love to try but again my 'fear' won on this round..Ha..Ha..
Nevertheless, I was told it was GOOD!!!

La Morue
Fresh Cod Filet in a vegetable and basil broth
Hhmm, another fresh take here, as I thought it would only be fish you would see but there were some clams..I was told it was Okay and the Pig Trotter dish was even better ??!!!! C' were talking about my fave fish, man...

As if seeing a cloud dessert from this delicate looking!
Les Caraibes
Coconut cloud, rum granite with banana passion fruit smoothies
I was in awe when I saw this being served...So So So Pretty and it looked so Delicate and Time Consuming to Make!!!! I gave it the highest score in presentation and creativity! Do like the look but tasted so sweet for me...
Le Cafe
Coffee escorted by a sweet 
I thought when they put By a Sweet, it was going to be a candy-like or cookie-like but there was none than few sugar cubes ?????
This was the closing item for the Set Menu

La Crevette
Prawns tsukune in a vegetable consomme with wild mushroom
Selected from Menu of Small Tasting Portion
I made the right order; it was fresh, clear broth that tasty and the prawn tsukune was fresh too! I loved it so much!

Le Boeuf
Beef Rib Eye steak with 'Sarawak' black pepper in Medium Well..
I was told the other Steak 'L'onglet De Beouf' is a Raw Steak Tartar...hhmmm
This was my first choice and I was so so happy ending up by polishing off everything; from that big sized steak to the mashed potatoes and fries..
The said 'it's the traditional fries' 
It was a fresh potatoes and it was saltish good! Just the correct saltiness for fries..
The signature Mashed Potatoes of Joel Robuchon
I loved loved it...It was so soft, the thickness was just right, the amount given was just right. I think every meal would be served with this mashed potatoes

La Noisette
Was recommended as the popular dessert here
Hazelnut dacquoise with crunchy praline and exotic sorbet
So dainty looking..can't resisted not to take close-up look photo
The sorbet was refreshing indeed; I felt as if it was a mixture of mango, orange and something else but not sour and not too sweet..
I accidentally flipped it to its side and thought how cute to take this image, seeing how it looked like under these sorbet
It was an excellent choice of dessert for those who doesn't like that tad too sweet taste of dessert

Walking out from dining area, passing lounge area..I do like how the red colour being used was intimate yet not gaudy

I kinda half expecting heavy smokes coming from cigar puff..But, none so far...
Won the Award from American Express
Impressive Wine Selection
Opulence Bathroom...
This 'pattiserie' counter is right after the main entrance and before the entrance to L'Atelier area

How it looked so Parisian, right?

The set menus which displayed at the entrance

L'Atelier Joel Robuchon
Festive Hotel, Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Tel: +65 6577-7888

Operating Hours:
Daily: 6pm - 10.30pm
Sunday Lunch: 12pm – 2pm

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