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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

Skyve is not where you expect you'd find, when you look at the photos, it seems like in a very cool hip environment. But, it's not, it is closed to Orchard Road but it is secluded enough to be seen from main road.

I fell in love instantly with the interior design and its furnishing, it gives you that cool vibe. It certainly warrants another visit, especially during the Live Music nights, will be fun to come here with a group of friends.

I was surprised when we were having brunch to see a family, few couples, a group of friends already there and by lunch time, even more crowds were streaming in. Why I was surprised in the first place? Coz, I never thot, a venue quite secluded like Skyve could have quite a crowd. The street leading it in from main road is next to a school, and going further in, then you will find it around a some sort of school complex. So, it's unusual area to find something as hip and modern as this.

There were only 3 staff during that brunch shift, but, they were courteous and still prompt in serving you.
Brunch was great, the quality of the dishes didn't disappoint and the portion was just right.

Sometimes, what impressed me most from a restaurant is when they paid attention to small details. Skyve proved to be one of them; from the Fiji mineral water tin holder, the fresh flower on the table, providing 2 dessert plates and cutleries without being asked (we only had 1 slice of cake)

Anyone who sees their interior would be impressed and excited to return here, after our meal, I understand why Skyve has regular patrons despite its location.

Right after the entrance/from outdoor area 
A rocking chair, how cool is that? 
Outdoor area, still giving cool vibe.. 
Fell in love with this seating arragement and that green circular sofa..The paintings are for sale 
Good partition idea and to store magz.. 
Drink counter 
In love with this print, as its room divider accent, from lounge area above to proper dining area 
 Beginning of dining area
Eye-catching steel work, right? Nice, indeed.. 
Who doesn't love this col. combo, the aquamarine against white and black...This area can also double up as private area with folding glass door closure
The folding glass door on the left side.. 

Not to intrude diner privacy from outside view
The path leading to Skyve  
Fiji tin can holder and fresh bright pink flower, such a good contrast, right? 
Liking the idea of Snoozy Brunch name
The different print of placemats 
Ordering the Green Tea, it was quite different take of green tea and coffee

Skyving Breakfast
2 eggs with choice of style: Overeasy | Sunny side up | Scrambled | Soft Poached
Choice of bread: Wholemeal | Sourdough | Brioche
Served with: Wild Mushroom Fricassee, English Pork Sausage, Confit of Cherry Tomatoes & Roasted Baby Potatoes

The potatoes were thumbs up..and impressed me the most was the Wholemeal Bread, it was toasted to perfection, never thot, wholemeal could tasted so good.

Truffle scramble egg
Sourdough Bread | Truffle Scrambled Eggs | Grilled Baby Asparagus | Baked Portobello
Simple but yet tasty and not making your tummy too full 

The cutleries holder before the meal and after the meal for our dessert

Cake of the Day!
Blueberry Cheese Cake
The cheese cake was so soft and yet firm enough to break and blueberries were a great addition. This dessert was a satisfying one than most bistro have..

Retro style with modern facilities rest room
Looking down to Skyve word at the entrance 
View to Skyve from the pathway 

Skyve Elementary Bistro & BarNo.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Open Daily: Monday to Sunday
(including Public Holidays)
Tel: +65 6225 6690

Opening hours from 10am to late


  1. Your post is really informative :) I like that you included pictures of the entire place.. haha..

  2. Thanks! I just hoped the staff didn't think me as a weirdo who busy snapping here and there at that time...Ha!