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Saturday, February 23, 2013

TWG @ Takashimaya SG

I was puzzled, really, by the queue at all TWG outlets, which also included the latest at Takashimaya Level 2. Perhaps if it's the one at ION, I could understand the lack of space which made it looked like the crowd queue like mad on certain hour. And perhaps, at MBS, due to the flock of tourist that was intrigued by TWG concept.
So, I planned to try their lunch since I tried their brekkie which just enough as a one time experience, and said to myself, perhaps lunch will be different.
Arrived at around 11.45 am so there was still no crowd queueing up and to my surprise, the dining area is the most spacious compare to other outlets.
Sat next to the window facing Mandarin Orchard hotel and the male staff immediatly handed me the meal & tea menus. Everytime I come to TWG and seeing the Tea Menu, there was a sense of confusion and overwhelm to see all the Teas selection. Doubtful, anyone can remember to differentiate how each tea taste like. Well, unless, you are a very very regular patron here.
The dishes presented very well indeed, taste wise also okay but not fantastic and I found it was a bit pricey.
What irritated me the most was the staff, mostly are foreigner staff with English speaking but they was so absent-minded, lack of attention, slow to act.
I asked for just a piece of macaron and I even walked up to the pastry trolley next to my table. Waited for 15 mins but it didn't come and looking around, the lady staff I asked for was still there but busy attending to others (it was not a full house and not even half full). In the end, I called up another staff and this time, she did take the macaron and then I asked for the bill on the same time. Waited another 10 mins and no bill came, again, called another staff for the bill. Waited another 10 mins for the process.
They surely not short-handed but everytime I looked up, either no staff around or they were busy at the counter, prepping the meals to be delivered and no one ever looking around to patrons.
I also got the impression of snotty attitude from all TWG staff, different outlets but similar attitude and similar service.
I don't think I will ever visit TWG in all their outlet..the service was not on par with the price they charged, not to mention the ridiculous queue.
TWG tried to impress patron with their so sophisticated overall concept and staff appearance, added with so elaborate Meals and Tea description but failed in the most important factor in retaining the patrons, their Service Skill. Cleverly located in vicinity that has throngs of tourists and elite areas, it certainly gives tremendous boost to their business.
Dining area, view to entrance after passing the pattiserie corridor
 Dining Menu and the Tea Menu

The typical TWG white linen table setting
This the pastry trolley that next to our table, even I walked up there and asked for a single macaron, it failed to come..
View to the back area, it remained quite empty even after we finished our meals
View to Mandarin Orchard Hotel..

That big tea tins of TWG..
There was an ant walking around this sugar pot..
Steamed Vanilla Cod
Pave of cod infused with Vanilla Tea served with button mushrooms, chicory and shallots, accompanied by a white sauce enhanced with notes of vanilla..
Phewwww...such a long description
Cod fish was fresh, tad a bland and the sauce tasted a bit milky at first but once you ate it with the mushroom, it balanced nicely..tasted the vanilla indeed
Scrambled Eggs
Fresh farmhouse eggs scrambled with a choice of matcha green tea, pure saffron threads of white Alba truffle oil and served with
smoked salmon and mixed salad of tender spinach shoots and marinated shrimps
The salad has quite a tasty dressing but rest were just okay
Ordered the side dish, the plate of matchstick potatoes drizzled with pure white Alba truffle oil and matcha salt
The fries were fried nicely, crisp and I was impressed by their presentation, using the crispy layer of crepe to hold the fries
Soft bread came with the main course
The toasts were done nicely..
Matcha Green Tea Macaron, the cookie shell was a bit hard..TWG is not famous for its macaron for sure..
TWG Tea Boutique
Takashimaya Department Store, B2
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238873
Tel : +65-63631837

Opens daily 10 am - 10 pm


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