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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hatched @ Evans Lodge

I do think the idea behind Hatched as All Day Breakfast venue was a good idea, who would not associated breakfast with Eggs and the name Hatched was so appropriate.

Coming to the Evans Lodge outlet around 11 am and found it was quite busy but not to the extend of full house. Good idea to have it next to hostel with such affordability and menu that appeals to most. But, most of the patrons apparently were passerby like us.

By looking at the menu, you couldn't help to smile when reading its menu category, with titles such as Scrambling Sam, Oliver Omellete, Frying Pan, Friends of Eggs and then going down to its dishes under each category.

Staff were friendly, cosy ambience and no service charge; I believe these few factors are what attracts the regular patrons.

Unfortunately, to me, the food was okay but not as good as I expected, after seeing the concept, interior and the menu.

Again, if going to venues that not in the main street/mall, I find it a bit put off. Cause you need to make your way there just for a meal which can be fantastic or not; it creates a hassle for those who don't drive and not many patrons as what the business may expect too. But, some do prefer these secluded venues to have different atmosphere and relaxing time.

Not sure on other outlets accessibility, but for this outlet, unless you are around Evans Rd area/to Orchard direction, it does provide you a choice to have an affordable breakfast/simple brunch with less crowd to compete.

The entranced to Hatched from main door of the lodge/hostel
The plastic laminated menu, thot, it could made a good placemat too..
What an Egg...???!!!!
All Eggs Around You...
Casual and Cosy atmosphere...
I applauded this wall decor..such a good idea..simple but so eye-catching
Even the furniture has Egg-Shaped related/feel 
Was that a rooster trapped inside the light?
Everyone would smile when they see this..
So, this how it works, people...
Smoked salmon folded over scrambled eggs on toast, topped with sour cream, served with sauteed potatoes..
One of the recommended dishes, the salmon with scrambled eggs were quite good but the potatoes were very very bland..
The Usual Suspects..
As the name is, it is the usual order of Big Brekkie..Ha!
Customize how you want your eggs to be, with choice of bacon/ham/sausage, baked beans, sauteed potatoes, toast and either a tea/coffee
Has sunny side up, it was okay but I thought it was too well cooked for the egg yolks but when you sliced thru, it was not. Again, the potatoes with its skin felt a bit rough and bland. The bacon was okay, bit greasy and not too crisp.
Toast were surprisingly good, baked beans were as normal (not my dish)..As you could see, the bacon was not crisp type but okay..
I always like it when a restaurant serve fresh fruit juice, in this case, Hatched has either Apple or Orange as their Fresh Juices option. Ordered the Ice Mocha, I thought the gradation colours on the Ice Mocha were so attractive..
My Earl Grey Tea, served by a pot of hot water and using The Clippers Tea Bag.

Hatched @ Evans Lodge
26 Evans Road
Singapore  259367
Tel : +65 6735-0012

Opening Hours from 8 am to 4 pm (Thu-Mon)
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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