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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spruce @ Phoenix Park

Spruce, in a midst of Phoenix Park around Tanglin area, is not an easy place to reach unless you are staying around the area or you drive.

Been hearing how popular this cafe is so it's about time to visit it when we got chance.

Didn't make any reservation and kinda regretted it once we saw how packed the place was. Both indoor and outdoor, was asked to wait for around 20 mins at the back area downstair facing the children playground. Felt like 20 mins had passed and not sure whether it was only my gut feeling, but, we walked up to the reception before any call and within 5 mins, got our table.

It was one hot day but the open surrounding, trees and water fountain with ceiling fans certainly helped.

The staff were so busy but it wasn't that difficult to get their attention. The order came quite promptly but when my cake order came, there was no utensil given and staff failed to see there was no more utensil left in the holder.

I could see why Spruce is popular with expats as it may resemble more outdoor & nature kinda venue that commonly found outside Singapore. It maybe convenience if you are driving but if not, it is quite a hassle. In addition to the outdoorsy feel, Spruce also has some sort of painting gallery and wine bar.

If you are looking for an outdoorsy dining venue and not around Dempsey area, this could be a good choice. Though, the dishes are average but I bet it's good enough for everyone to enjoy.

These lantern like lighting caught my eyes as their focal points for outdoor area
How full the place was

That was the indoor seating area cum gallery cum wine bar

The staircase on the back to waiting area and playground
The water fountain
View to playground from our seat
Perhaps since we were seating with our back to the fountain, I didn't feel so humid
Table arrangement
Brunch Menu
Quite a shot here..Aerial View :p
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit
Spruce Lemonade with Mint..This IS A MUST!
Crab Cake Benny
Ciabatta, Crabcake, Poached Egg, Back Bacon and Hollandaise
For crabmeat lover, you would love this
Australian Steak and Egg
Grilled Steak with Red Wine Jus, Fried eggs, Wild Mushroom and Tomato
A bit hard on the steak even though was asked medium well but it was okay
Lemon Tea Cake
In my mind, it was Lemon Tart Cake..Ha imagined my surprise when this came. Too full due to my steak so I got this as take away

The lemon taste was there but the cake was a bit dry
This was our next table and I was surprised to see the cups arrangement, clever idea, don't ya think?
View to the entrance and open carparks

Spruce @ Phoenix Park
320 Tanglin Road
S 247980
Tel: (65) 6836-5528
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm
Sat, Sun and PH from 9 am to 10.30 pm
Bars open till late

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