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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bangkok Jam @ Wheelock Place

Anyone passing by Wheelock Place 3rd floor will notice Bangkok Jam as it has such a chic modern decor. Well, that what happened to me and it made me noticed Bangkok Jam for the first time, later I saw another interesting outlet decor of it at Plaza Singapura.

Its decor was the key attraction and thinking it is a Thai cuisine, nothing could go wrong here. 

The first time I tried was around few months ago and it was around 7 pm which was quite packed, I asked whether I could make reservation for an hour later but seemed the staff were not being experienced in giving explanation to patrons, she just said, we took reservation but we would not even take down your contact number if there was a table or anything. It immediately discourage me to return here.

So happened, we were around Wheelock Place this time around 6 pm and when walking past, I thought giving this restaurant another chance and voila, we were welcomed in.

One thing for sure, the waiting staff were really inexperienced in a real sense of a restaurant staff. They do act like it, talk like it and walk like it but somehow it still fail when it comes to attend to the patrons. 

We asked for plain water beside our drinks, it didn't come until end of the course, with me asking twice. It was not crowded until by end of our course.

They were so busy walking around, clearing this and that, watching around, carrying this and that. And when we asked for our dessert to be served, the staff we asked was asking another staff for dessert menu to be given to us, which puzzled me when being handed a menu again.

I didn't feel the staff has any supervision from an experience staff who manned the whole floor, everyone was thinking they did their job at best.

Food at first was promising when my Lemon Grass Fish Cakes came but it just average for its main courses.

This is an example of where a restaurant has got the right concept on how the interior and decor, what cuisine they are serving, good location but the heart and soul are still missing, which are the good service and food quality.

Will I return here? Hhmm, at present, quite unlikely but it may not be the case for other, seeing it always has quite a sizeable crowd at this outlet and Plaza Singapura.

Again, I bet everyone will say 'Nice place + Thai cuisine', what can go wrong there...

Another creative idea, its coaster
View to the main door
This lamp shades are the focal point
Really good idea for the lamp shades
Laid back yet modern kind of furnitures
Loving this wallpaper
Sizeable seating area, don't you think? And those clocks, I didn't manage to see which time zones 
The wall adornment, this side on poster and other side by using wallpaper
The big menu
The set of coasters on our table
This restaurant really went all the way out for decor, got this line up TVs displaying the Bangkok Jam graphic designs. We could see they put a lot of work into their restaurant decor
Strawberry Lychee
Strawberry and Lychee on ice-blended
It was okay and refreshing for sure
The Lemon Grass Thai Cakes
I think it a must to try, it's tender and moist with sweet Thai sauce
Chilli Fried Rice with Shrimp
I thought something different to order this time as never saw this menu before, and it being served in a very nice presentation. Unfortunately, the rice was soggy and quite tasteless. The spiciness was there but other taste wasn't

Stir Fried Egg Noodle with Bacon and Crabmeat
Another staple that we never saw before, but it tasted quite bland, somehow, there was something lacking in the spices. 
Thai Sweet Red Ruby with vanilla ice cream
It was sweet alright, but I thought the slices of jackfruits added a nice balance
The open door concept that attracted me in the first place.. :p
Bangkok Jam @ Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6836 0989

Opens daily from 12 pm to 10 pm

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