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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Egg3 Cafe

I think the best word to describe my visit to Egg3 Cafe was the one that goes like 'Should go before it's too late'  That's exactly what happened to me when I visited this cafe. Wanted to go there when I first read it opened and how the concept of everything on the cafe was for sale.

I thought it was a great idea since Egg3 has established itself first as selling home decor then furniture then clothing, bag, jewellery. But since this cafe location is quite not easily accessible unless you drive, so I always delayed my visit there.

First of all, it was not easy to look for as it was inside some sort of school complex and not around main road.

There was no patron around and only 2 waiting staff inside the cafe. A bit taken aback as from what I remembered years ago (was it that long??) that during weekend, it was quite a bustling cafe and popular with those looking for laid back atmosphere. But the surprise didn't end there, the staff told me that now they only served Salad and Dessert...Oh oh, and I went there for lunch! Didn't expect that during my visit, this new concept just started.

Well, luckily I kinda had big brekkie so got no option than to order a salad and dessert for me.

Browsing around the cafe cum store actually quite a therapy, surprising to me was some of the handbags were labelled under Egg3. 

The drinks and salad with my cake was quite good and the staff were great but it just that quiet and lonely feeling in out of nowhere location kinda dampen the spirit..

Just when we were about to leave, there was a couple entering the cafe...Wait, What, Really?? That was my thought..Turned out, this cafe was not so out of bound as I thought in that quiet Sunday noon..
View to the entrance
The store area for clothing, shoes and handbag and few jewellery
There even a corner changing room with waiting sofa in front of cute..
The simple menu that made my heart stopped a bit.. when I saw it was really only salad, sandwich or dessert being on offered
The kitchen counter
From these stackable chairs, I guessed there may be more buzz during weekdays as it is surrounded by children schools or tuition centre around it
The Tuna Avocado Salad, which was good and quite a filling actually
My strawberry cake with Lychee Ice Drink

Egg3 Cafe
231 Mountbatten Road Blk D
(Guillemard Crescent Entrance)
#01-06/07 Singapore 397999
Tel: (+65) 6241 3823

Opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 6 pm
Closed on Monday

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