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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan

I was pretty excited when I read Luke Mangan was going to open another restaurant but focusing on more casual and tapas-ish style at Raffles City.

We may be the few who went there after around few weeks it opened and ambience definitely casual compared to its sister at ION. 

Go via the exit door next to Timberland at Raffles City. where you could find a stand alone brick restaurant.

It was quiet and we were seated in the corner table next to glass panel. One thing I noticed was how small the square table we were seated, and this was for 4 pax seating? 

My worry became reality when they started to serve the dishes, we needed to manouver the plates on our own. I always said the restaurant should have factored in the size of their plates and tables that could accommodate it.

Waiting staff were friendly but I felt some of them showing off some sort of attitude, not a negative one but more to as if 'I am a cool person' show off kinda thing.

The menu being kept concise and turned out, it was served as sharing portion, not an individual serving for sure.

Dishes were above average casual tapas-ish restaurant for sure, it was nothing fancy pansy but the way it prepared was special. In my opinion, their truffle fries was by far best than other we tried. 

It may be more ideal for night hangout especially sitting on the outdoor, facing the main road. 

I would surely return for night hangout with group of gals or friends for gathering...

Napkin with paper hold ring

These light bulbs definitely the highlight of the room

View from the entrance, I was a bit put off by the display on bar table

Our  Place Mat cum Menu

Best Truffle ever!

Saw the amazing photo of this dish, the real one of course was different, but it was delicious nonetheless. Taco of tempura prawn, pineapple salsa, chipotle aioli

Crispy soft shell prawns with chili and garlic aioli, it was delicious and never had anything like this before

Roasted Garlic Flat Bread, this was heavenly ! 

Roasted pumpkin with dukkah, spanish blue cheese, pear and walnut. Our friend saluted this dish as he never eaten cooked pumpkin before and this one was a great start!

Confit pork belly, shoulder, sweet potato puree, sauce vierge

Feeling a bit adventurous, ordered the Ortiz anchovies served in the tin with garlic toast. The anchovies were wayyyy too saltish

Salt Tapas & Bar
#01-22A, Raffles City Shopping Centre
252, North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6837 0995

Opening hours for Mon to Thu from 11.30 am to 10 pm / Drinks till 11.30 pm

Opening hour for Fri and Sat from 11.30 am to 10.30 pm / Drinks till 11.30 pm
Opening hour for Sun and PH from 11.30 am to 9.30 pm / Drinks till 10 pm

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