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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jamie Oliver's @ Covent Garden

When we planned our London trip, one thing for sure came to my mind, must try Jamie's restaurant or Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. But since Gordon tends to French cuisine and Jamie tends to Italian, I decided to try Jamie's this time as it has more broader range.

Came to Covent Garden outlet before our West End musical performance for late lunch, the place was still packed. They do not accept reservation but perhaps since it was late lunch, we still got seats available.

The menu came in A3 size and plenty of options to choose, and not too mention Special Menu of the Day which was displayed on the blackboard.

Waiting staff was excellent, cool attitude (not pretentious but those that you felt like want to hang out with), our waiting staff explain what was in the special menu of the day, from informing us that it was hand made spaghetti and home made soup based for the pasta.

We were seated at the corner of the room, the wall shelves above my seat along the wall was adorned with Jamie's cookbooks and some gifts which you could buy as token from Jamie's Italian Restaurant. If you know someone who is a fan of Jamie and likes to cook, buying the apron would be an ideal gift.

I chose the special menu of the day and even though, it has no meat/vegetarian style, it was sooooo tasty; the spaghetti was springy, the pasta stock really mixed well with the pasta and tomato, eggplant, etc.

Restroom is located on basement where it seems where the bar area, kitchen, wine cellar are located too. Another thumbs up for the restroom area, so retro classic but you feel the modern hint too.

Luv to return here for next trip to London, perhaps trying out other branches.

It's a casual great place for having good healthy Italian food in London. A Must-Try if you are in London!!!

See the 'J' here?

Special menu of the day, luv it that they have smaller portion, so ideal for late lunch

A bit scared.....

My Special of the day spaghetti...delicious...

The prawn pasta, even eating just the spaghetti was enough, it was that tasty

The orange cheese cake, never met cheese cake with orange on top, a bitter one though and it was served in a rustic looking tin plate

If you wanna get a gift from the restaurant

Fans of Jamie would be happy to see this collection

Going down to restroom, staff going up and down to deliver the dishes from kitchen area downstair tough!

Such a cute sign door

Can' t resisted taking photo of these wash basins, so pretty

Cute wall light

Jamie's Italian, Covent Garden
11 Upper St Martin's Lane
Tel: +44-20-3326-6390

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat from 12 noon to 11.30 pm
Sunday from 12 noon to 10.30 pm

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