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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Itsu @ Paternoster Row

We accidentally encountered Itsu at Paternoster Row when we visited St Paul, I was attracted to the interior design with bright pink when passed it on the way to St Paul, so decided to have our lunch here on the way back to the Tube.

We were so pleasantly surprised to see all the lunch boxes on display, clearly Itsu is the believer in eating healthy and light. It was all stated on the lunch box, down to the calories.

Such a good concept of take away or lunching in after you made your purchase. The counter staff were cheerful and friendly, and offering any snacks to go along...I saw the gourmet popcorn and was instantly attracted.

If you like healthy, tasty and light food, Itsu definitely a place to go if you are in London. Next time, we would love to visit their restaurants. A must try!!

Such a simple Japanese name

Simple, casual but attractive to the eyes

Table partition from entrance

Quite a spacious dining area

Special Salmon Salad...The green herb salad was amazing...such a great combination..

Miso marinated salmon, cooked rare, japanese rice and itsu seasoning, muki and green beans, fresh salad with fresh herb dressing

Was craving for salmon that day and bought this Super Salmon-3 ways

The sea salt would not believe how crunchy it was until you bought one...

What a gourmet popcorn and worth every cent!

4-6 Paternoster Row
Tel: +44 20 72489343

Opens from Mon to Fri from 11 am to 9 pm
Nearest Tube station is St Paul's

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