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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dolly's @ Selfridges

When you were in Selfridges London, chances were your feet were already killing you from browsing through their floors and not to mention, earlier trip along Oxford Road itself,  as that was what happened to me. Then, I found Dolly's, located at the Basement area, opposite Anthropologie and Eva Solo counters. 

It such a charming little cafe for your cakes and tea break, you definitely won't miss it, as it was in black and white decor, with waiting staff dress in black dress and white apron and the supervisor dress in oh so chic all black (trademark of Selfridges staff) , and perhaps the Queue when it hits the Tea Time hour.

Was it me or did the English teas really taste better in London, as thats what I felt while having a sip at Dolly.

Cake selection was great, high quality cakes and variety of selections in oh so tempting appearance.

Service was fantastic, friendly, courteous and prompt, even though it was such a crowded cafe most of the time.

Definitely my go to cafe to have a rest at Selfridges or at Oxford Road, totally worth it!

The Menu, dressed in drapers fashion, so cute!
The tea selections
The prep counter and see what a charming uniform they wear!

My Lemon Tart Cake, really lemony taste! Firm pastry and softness of the lemon tart

Simple, dainty and oh so pretty set up...Luved my English Breakfast tea! Enough to give my tired legs a rest and energy to go through another round of browsing...

Dolly's Cafe (Selfridges)
Selfridges, Lower Ground Floor, 400 Oxford StreetLondonW1A 1AB
Tel: +44-800-123-400

Opening hour is subject to change, please check the website

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