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Sunday, October 27, 2013

SKIRT @ W Sentosa Cove

Who wouldn't love W hotel when you visit one; epitome of a hip, modern and fun hotel. Beside its amazing interior design and that famous W Spa, W Hotel also proud on its restaurants.
W Sentosa Cove was no exception, they were proud with their 'Skirt' restaurant specializing in their Dry Aged Meat Steak which first one I heard of such item.
Dry Aged meat is supposed to have more flavour as it is kept in air-tight compartment, no blood residue and more tender than usual meat.
To my surprise, their Skirt steaks selection are within affordable range with good quality meat selection.
True to W spirit, the design of this restaurant also goes all out to impress right down to small details. It fits perfectly with Skirt identity of a good steak restaurant.
Service was impressive throughout our dinner; knowledgeable on its menu and wine, friendly, courteous, attentive; all we long in restaurant service were full on display here.
Proud of its dry-aged menu, Skirt even paid attention to our taste bud by providing 'special drink' to neutralize our tongue from earlier appetizers.
Beside its steak, Skirt had beautiful and tasty dishes that were outstanding on its own
Adjacent to Skirt outdoor area was the recently opened Sentosa Cove Quayside area which in itself has abundance of good restaurants. With view to parked yachts and sea view, it felt as if you were transported to Miami.
Distance may be a bother but with numbers of transportations & free shuttle from Harbourfront to Sentosa and W hotel itself, it is no longer a difficult task.
I highly recommended Skirt at Sentosa Cove for steak lovers and if you need a venue that offers different atmosphere to impress either for corporate, family or spouse.
Simple elegant menu in the 'loud' atmosphere
A very eye-catching bamboo artwork on its ceiling
Sided by this colourful glass lightings
This wall adornment was magnificent and it described what Skirt speciality is, the horns (?)
This was taken after dark but I couldn't helped not to take it as it was impressive when you looked up


View to outdoor
Bar counter; by night, the bar seats were occupied


Salt and Pepper shaker in Horn shaped

Rectangle Serving Plate..
Gotta love this homemade rosemary buns
Dungeness Crab Cocktail
It was visually attractive and for crab lovers, it was a refined crab dish made to perfection

King Prawn Split and Peppered

It was grilled perfectly with dashes of black peppered to taste but not too strong
My fave appetizer indeed
What W famous about is their attention to detail in creating perfect atmosphere and this steak cutlery was no exception
For salt lovers, this is the only place where you are being provided not with one but 3 types of salt and all before you even asked! I knew few salt lovers who always ask for extra salt

One was the sauce and the other was your neutralizing taste bud which you should drink before having your steak

Grilled Asparagus, Truffle Rice and Slow Cooked Egg

When it came, I gasped on its beauty
This was one of the dishes that I felt it was an art and not a meal. So beautifully presented, seemingly a simple dish but it looked opposite. It tasted heavenly too! A very very good choice for vegetarian or light main

Homemade Cut Fries that came with my steak

25-day Dry Aged Sirloin Wagyu on Medium Well
With its Red Wine and Marrow Sauce

Sautéed Portobello Mushroom
We underestimated how big Portobello mushrooms was, this portion is good for 4 pax. It was delish though and if you are a mushroom lovers, it is a Must Try!

Soursop Panna Cotta, Mojito Poached Fruit
It was pretty and it was a good choice for light dessert
This panna cotta was excellent, best I've ever tasted

This was another Art Food; beautiful to the eyes and delicious to our taste
The poached fruits were excellent and never saw anything done like this

Beautiful lighting on the centre of the room, right off the entrance

Illuminated by lighting around this artwork
View from outdoor area

Skirt Entrance
Quite a simple by W restroom standard but loved how the orchids being displayed

Perhaps it reflects how W Sentosa Cove is located next to the sea so we have this 'wave' wash basins (?)

Illuminating Lighting Sticks at the lobby

 First time ever seeing a seating bench inside this elevator
 SKIRT @ W Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374
Book onlineTel: (65) 6808 7278
Opens daily from 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm

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