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Monday, October 28, 2013

Nara @ ION Orchard

Read about this authentic Thai restaurant opening at ION, I was quite excited to try it as not many authentic Thai restaurants we could find in Orchard road.

Nara occupied corner space where Burger King outlet used to be at Basement 3 of ION Orchard. Didn't have any reservation as we were early, few minutes later after we were seated, patrons keep streaming in. I'd say Nara did provide a good alternative to mostly Western, Japanese and Chinese restaurants in this mall.

We noticed most of the staff here are Thai but with good spoken English. Service was prompt, courteous and attentive enough.

The menu is quite extensive; from starter to dessert; we are bound to find everything for everyone liking.

Most importantly, the dishes were indeed authentic. Why we knew this? Well, it is always a good barometer to order Thai crabmeat fried rice which in Thailand, will be served with chunks of crab meats on the plate. This was what we found in Nara and it was tasty indeed.

For the dessert, I ordered their speciality and oh boy, it really came with a surprise! It only stated on the menu that it is a scoop of coconut ice-cream with 8 condiments. The ice cream being served first and the staff quickly explained from my puzzle look when I saw it was just a plain one scoop ice cream but no condiments, she said the condiments were coming separately as they were still preparing it. And lo and behold when the condiments came, it was 8 of it and turned out, you could just mix and add any of it to the ice cream as your liking. It was very good indeed! It was something different from other Thai restaurants, recommended to try this dessert.

It was a good lunch and for a satisfying authentic Thai cuisine, I highly recommended Nara if you happen to be at ION Orchard or that vicinity.

The F&B Menu

Colourful pictures on the menu
It has a nice wall d├ęcor but unfortunately that section was not opened yet for seating due to smaller patrons we had that morning
Simple yet chic lighting with wall feature mirroring those lighting
Simple table and seats near the entrance
Quite a smallish placemat 

Thai Sweet Mango Smoothies

Hors d'oeuvre Nara
Assorted Nara's starter dishes
The chicken satay was grilled perfectly, still tender and juicy
Pandan Leaf Chicken
It was succulent, tender and not so oily..was tasty
Fish Cakes
It was how a good fish cake should be
Prawn Salad
I would think so, it was only a bite-sized but complimenting well with other dishes here
Crabmeat fried rice
As can be seen, it had chunks of crabmeats in this fried rice. Any crabmeat lovers will enjoy this!
Prawn Pad Thai
It was a good; if you normally like your noodle not too dry, pad thai noodle is the best choice. The portion was just perfect for one person

Thai Red Ruby
I'd say the jackfruit and coconut slices were given generously here; it was a good Thai Red Ruby
The simple and clean looking coconut ice cream for my dessert
Which made me puzzle at first
Here were the 8 condiments
You could mix and add up as much as you like

Here was the end result

After mixing, it was a very nice dessert; it wasn't the same like Thai Red Ruby even though some condiments came from same condiments
Nara Thai
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-21
Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 6634 5787

Opens daily from 11.30 am to 10 pm

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