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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shang Palace @ Shangri-La Singapore

Dim Sum has always been my fave, am not a fan of Chinese cuisine but Cantonese has always been an exception especially Dim Sum. My fave spot for Dim Sum is Shang Palace at Shangri-La.

There are so many good, fine dining and affordable dim sum all over the island, somehow, once I tried Shang Palace, I felt their dishes were unpretentious, not complicated yet delicious and meticulous in the making.

Especially their har gauw (prawn steam dumpling), it didn't have the gold leaf on top of it but the dumpling skin was firm yet soft to bite and the steamed prawn was cooked perfectly.

Their siew mai is another fave among the patrons and it was a really good one indeed; along with one of my other fave, the deep-fried prawns in beancurd skins. Also, not forgetting that fluffy and sweet Char Siew Pau (Steamed Pork Buns) Come to think of it, perhaps, my attraction to dim sum could be due to my liking in prawn/shrimp.

For weekend, there will be 3 seating slots as the norm in all over Cantonese restaurant. What I like about Shang is, they don't impose Ala Carte Buffet during the weekend unlike some or mostly what other Cantonese restaurants in other hotel. Even for the early bird patrons who come in by 10.30 am and finish by 12 pm, there will be 30% off from your total bill.

When you are in Shang, please take time to look at their tea selection which was written in 'chopstick' like and put inside a cylinder container. It offers variety of Chinese teas that would be a joy for tea lovers to try.

Beside their dim sum menu, the ala carte menu is another highlight; some selections will change depending on season and chef creation. So, I would highly recommended to at least order one or two dishes from this menu when you are having your dim sum.

Service is always prompt and courteous in Shang, reservation is highly recommended for weekend and it tends to be full house. During weekday, mostly occupied by corporate patrons, especially when there are events taking place in next door ballrooms/meeting rooms.

Always love coming to Shang Palace, their décor is elegant yet cozy with its beautiful wallpapers and carpets. Predominantly red colours as accent and in their details but it is done elegantly and classic setting.

Though, the Cantonese cuisine scene is very competitive, there is something very appealing about Shang Palace. From its food, prompt service, the beautiful tea cups, the elegant setting of its dining room. Even perhaps, the location of Shangri-La hotel itself is like a journey to whisk you away from hustle and bustle of urban life.

A great Cantonese restaurant for dining with family during weekend and with your colleague or guests during weekday. You can't find fault with Shang Palace...

Dainty looking menu
Dainty looking tea cup (which I just found out that now, it was for sale)
Elegant table setting
The three type of sauces
Tasty nibble
Seating area of main dining room beside their private rooms
The crystal chandeliers
What I like about Shang Palace setting is their elegant yet cozy décor, dim but bright enough to read and see your dishes and those beautiful wallpapers and carpets
Their private rooms
 Elegant Private Dining area
Har gauw
The dumpling skin was soft yet firm to hold the steamed prawns, one of my fave dish at Shang
 Char Siew Pau
The pau was fluffy and soft with sweet char siew meats
The siew mai
It is one of the best siew mai I've ever tasted, it full of siew mai flavour
The Century Egg and Meat Porridge
If you don't want to be too full, I recommended to share a bowl for 2 pax
Bird Nest Dumpling
My first time trying this and it was quite a delicate yet tasty dumpling soup with bird nest bits around it and wolfberries 
Sweet and Sour Pork with Crispy Dumpling
Another first timer for us, I didn't expect it to be presented this way. I felt the sauce was too thick but otherwise, for meat and dumpling, it was cooked perfectly
Chicken Feet
Not my dish but they did say it was cooked perfectly
Quail Egg with Cucumber and Ginger Slice
Another first timer, I thought it was not presented this way and not too much of our liking. This dish would be suitable for larger group and quail egg fans. The ginger slices did taste quite strong and good one for ginger lovers
Chilled Avocado pudding with mango sauce
It was heavenly, never expected this kind of dessert from a Chinese Cantonese restaurant. It was presented beautifully and the pudding and sauce was just perfect! I highly recommended this for your dessert when you are at Shang Palace
The inviting entrance with its beautiful carpet and background
The ever changing lobby centrepiece at Shangri-La hotel
Creative and beautiful artwork
Beautiful Orchids

Shang Palace
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
22 Orange Grove Road, 258350, Singapore
Lobby Level, Tower Wing
Tel: (65) 6213 4473
Opening hours:
12noon - 2.30pm (Monday to Friday)
10.30am - 3pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) - There will be 3 seatings for weekend, please check with restaurant

6pm - 10.30pm








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