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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Old Hongkong Kitchen @ Square 2

Was on the craving for dim sum while being in an unfamiliar territory around Novena. Recalled of seeing this HK restaurant and voila, there was dim sum in the menu.

We came in slightly early than lunch time, glad we did that, as by lunch time ticking down, corporate crowd streaming in to fill up the tables.

The menu was extensive, from dim sum to ala carte Chinese - HK cooking menu. It certainly meet the corporate and family expectation for this type of restaurant.

Staff were prompt and you would see more of senior staff in this establishment which is always a plus point in my opinion.

Food was served promptly in sequence, even though, it was during peak hour serving. Dishes were delicious and just in the right portion.

A must-try in this restaurant was their Carrot Cake, I was not usually a fan but I fell in love with their carrot cake. It had balanced flavour, good portion for sharing and you could tell the ingredients used were fresh.

Dining here was certainly reminded you of dining in HK, where service and food serving was done promptly in a busy venue.

A good Chinese restaurant in Novena area for corporate or family dining in.

Always love seeing a pretty table ware like this

Wish this outstanding traditional Chinese dress was displayed in more prominent area  

Like this wall ornaments d├ęcor, clever idea

By the window seats

Modern yet oriental looking lighting

Our appetizer
Dim Sum in the Cage

Wanted to take the photo when it was being served in cage but our waiting staff opened it up and took the cage cover
It was assortment of dim sum items; Steamed Prawn Dumpling, Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumpling with Abalone, Steamed Mushroom Dumpling, Deep-Fried Shrimp Dumpling in Superior Soup, Deep-Fried Shrimp roll with cheese, Baked Egg Tart with Bird's Nest and Fresh Milk

This Dim Sum Cage came with delicious item and good for 2 pax sharing

The 'Carrot Cake'

Pan-Fried Carrot Cake with Bean Sprouts and Egg in X.O. sauce
Words difficult to describe but it is a Must-Try here!

Kailan with Garlic
Cooked perfectly in its crunchiness and garlic sauce to taste

Egg White Fried Rice with Spring Onion

First tried it in HK and how much I love it since. It did not disappoint me here!

Full house by lunch time roll

Old HK Kitchen
#02-80, Square Two, 10 Sinaran Road
Singapore 307506
Tel: +65 6397 7023
Opens daily from 10.30 am to 11 pm

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