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Friday, June 7, 2013

Djournal @ Grand Indonesia

My host for my latest Jakarta trip was so keen in showing me Djournal, said I'd love Djournal decor and furnishing.
It turned out to be correct and another surprise was the location, I didn't expect it would be so accessible and so smack on your face kinda location. I think Ismaya Group, the boss behind Djournal, really scored a good deal on this spot.

It definitely eye-catching by the time you reach Djournal, with its open seating area at the mall ground floor and its turqouise and black colour. They did put a lot of thought on all the small furnishings to complete the decor. Commendable to the effort in pulling this concept on its detail.

Albeit, I heard quite a sinister remark from local interior designer circle about the work of this establishment, since this establishment was done by the in-house staff of Ismaya than external party.

The word of rustic, vintage, retro came to my mind when I walked further in to the seating area. From the tiles, the seats and tables.

Too bad, we only had time to visit Djournal during tea break time as I had my lunch earlier, so, I didn't have time to sample their pasta dishes but I was looking forward to their Garlic Fries.

We got to the order counter and were given a 'cup' tag for our fries order. Somehow, I always dislike the menu that displayed on top shelf, it always discouraging to order during busy time if we are new to that venue. But Djournal did put their cute menu on the counter shelf.

I was half-wishing that the counter staff could chat up some of recommended drinks or dish considering there was no one ordering at that time...

Staff were friendly and courteous but service a bit tad too slow, perhaps due to quiet times.

I only managed to sample one of the Fries trio, the Garlic, Truffle and Parmesan Cheese; love to sample the Truffle next time and the pasta.

Djournal does give an impression of coffee specialty cafe/bistro but my host told me that the coffee was just so-so, nothing special. Well, I couldn't comment as I am more a tea person than coffee person.

For a tea break or casual chat place, Djournal certainly fits the bill, not to mention, its ideal location.

The Cute Menu
 Coffee & Liquor are Better Together...Ha..ha..ha..
The open-seating area on mall ground level
 The order and prep counter
Managed to see this on my way in
Cute signages indeed
Always love the natural lighting

Rustic wall, cute small hanging table and befitting poster
Who wouldn't love this vintage typewriter...
My cup of tea and Heinekens...
Even the napkin has cute transcript and sketch
 Retro tiles completed the whole look

 The coffee area
 Seemed this hanging circular lighting become more popular
 The smoking al-fresco area
 Cute Tag from a simple humble white paper cup
 The Garlic Fries
 View from main road
 Entrance from main road
 Even the pillar being given some decor
 Djournal furnishing extends on the outer area
 Detail, Detail, Detail...
Cozy, casual and cool hangout in Grand Indonesia
Djournal Coffee Bar
Grand Indonesia, West Mall Ground Fl
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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