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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken

I am always game to try authentic Indonesian restaurants that I heard just opened up. This was no exception, especially I never had any Soft Bone Chicken which you could end up eating the bones too.

Location is at the Jurong Point Shopping Centre, next to Boon Lay MRT. Gotta be careful though, as the idea of going to Kopitiam as the food court area in this mall was not as simple as we usually thought. 

Perhaps due to its size, the mall has another wing which has  another 'food court cum restaurant space' called Feast Kopitiam. So, if you come to the Kopitiam which doesn't have restaurant space area, you need to go down and walk towards the wing which closer to the MRT entrance.

Decor is simple Indonesian flair with their dark timber furniture and the hanging lamps. I do like how Kopitiam came up with this concept, it's a good place instead of crowding at the food court.

I was a bit perturbed by hearing from the restaurant that some diners who were seating at the food court area / not inside their restaurant space, expected the order to be delivered to them, when it was clearly self-service. They were even being given Beeping beacon to collect their order. After they didn't collect it, they would complained the food delivered was not warm anymore. 

Staff were friendly, and since they are still in soft opening stage so they are still looking for more waiting staff.

The dishes definitely Authentic Indonesian with capital A, the spicy sambal was amazing and Spicy. 

The soft bone chicken were really soft which you could chew on it.

And what I like the most was Not A Single Oiliness you found on your fried chicken.

The dishes are totally different from other Indonesian restaurant we've heard.

Quality and presentation are better than other on same category.

Even the fresh juices, one of my fave, the Avocado juice was way better than others. It's thick and the amount of chocolate milk just great.

I hope the Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken will gain popularity and lead on to more outlets island wide, or at least, another one in East so we don't need to go all the way down to Boon Lay.

A definite come back place when we miss authentic Indonesian food, even the distance is not putting me off....
The Menu
A Really juicy Avocado juice, it tasted more of the Avocado than ice or water
Beansprout as our side dish
Soft Bone Chicken with Green Chilli, not as spicy as the red chilli provided separately. The soup was from Sayur Asam soup, delicious...
This is something different, the chicken was topped with salted egg

The original soft bone chicken

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken
Feast Kopitiam @ Jurong Point Shopping Centre
63 Jurong West Central 3
(nearest entrance to the shopping centre from Boon Lay MRT)

Opens Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

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