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Friday, November 2, 2012

Kith Cafe - Tea Break

Read about Kith Cafe when it was featured in one of local newspaper, mentioning it was co-owned with the X-Tra Furniture owner and they relocated to Penang Mall, next to X-Tra. And from what I read, it is considered one of the best local cafes.
So, finding myself roaming around the mall one fine afternoon, I thought of Kith Cafe as there was not many options in this particular mall.
Surprisingly, the cafe was quite packed for indoor which is not that big, leaving 2 small available tables. But, the outdoor area is quite spacious.
The atmosphere was relaxed & casual, the staff were friendly and courteous. What tickled me a bit was the 'Special of the Day Menu' as it was hand-written and attached to the clipboard.
Since I already had my lunch, I thought of having a tea break. Looking through the cakes option, I opted for the souffle and for drink, ordered one of the smoothies. I would suggest to try on the smoothies if you are there, it is refreshing and nice combo
What surprised me was, right at the end of my tables, there were few Flies..yes, the Black Big Flies..
I checked whether there was some drink leftover/spillage, but nope, there wasn't, the table was cleaned. But somehow, these flies just didn't budge, so I was a bit perturbed.
Will I return here? I think may not, if I happen to browse inside the Park Mall, this is definitely an option but to visit the cafe alone, nope, don't think so.

View from the Mall Entrance/Taxi Stand Area, couldn't miss the 'Dog'

Alfresco Area
Special of the Day Menu...
Regular Dishes

Cashier and Beverage Counter
A bit of the view to Kitchen

There were 3 Black Flies by the end of the other side of the table

Kith Cafe - Park Mall
9 Penang Road #01-01E
Tel:  +65 6338 8611

Opens Daily from 8 am to 10 pm

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