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Sunday, November 4, 2012

La Luna Rossa Osteria

I was intrigued when I saw this restaurant opened at Scotts Square but didn't dare to visit it when I looked on the menu, it certainly not a familiar comfort Italian menu.

Digging more info and found it is a Japanese Italian Fusion with Japs Chef on the helm, then it really Intrigued me to visit.

Made the reservation and good to do that as the lunch crowd filled up the restaurant around 1 pm.

Lunch menu consisted of 3 different pricing of set lunch; I chose the 2nd set as it has more options, from antipasto to dessert.
I was a bit surprised to see our waiting staff was a handsome Japanese guy and not only him but there are more. Well, it's a norm considering this venue is popular with Japanese with Japanese Head Chef.

To my surprise, there was a Private Room right at the end of the room.

With well lit room from natural lights, it certainly make the seating area felt bright and airy. 
After our antipasto came, I could understand why it is  popular with Japanese; it definitely has touch of Japanese on it. Not only from the simple and earthy tone decor to its Japanese staff; the food portion and presentation is identical  with Japanese style.

A good service 'almost' as if you were in a fine dining restaurant, intimate place. Tables are placed not too close to each other. Fantastic Quality and Refine Presentation are the Star here! 

An ideal place to experience a Fine Fusion lunch on an affordable price with intimate setting. Wonder how the dinner would be...
So 'Italian' signage with its brick walls
Entrance to the restaurant/cashier area
Such a bright and airy room
Facing the Scotts Road
Quite a clever idea for room partition by placing wine glass in clear cabinet
Kitchen counter area
Kitchen counter
Door leading to Private Room, I think it fits the bill, so Private indeed
The Lunch Sets Menu
The Beverage Menu
The Strawberry Slush; strawberry puree, sour mix and sprite
Refreshing Lychee; lychee, lychee juice and sprite
Antipasto : Prosciutto with marinated grilled veggie
Such a delight to our eyes
Such a refine presentation
The 3 kinds of Bruschetta; a pity I felt it was a bit hard to bite
This one caught my eyes immediately; the Pork Rilettes with Enoki Mushrooms
Fresh tomatoes and Basil
Never seen one before, the chevre cheese with dragon fruits cubes
Pan-seared fresh fish with braised tomato sauce, mushroom, capers and olive
The fish was indeed Fresh and Soft...
The 'Involtini' rolled chicken stuffed with brown rice, herb sauce
It was Good! The chicken skin was so crispy with tender chicken meat. The combination was very good with on top of the spinach
Our desserts
Tiramisu in a glass, soft and fluffy
Mango Pudding with tapioca and coconut sauce
The pudding was firm to spoon out but soft to was a good dessert
La Luna Rossa Osteria
Scotts Square (next to Grand Hyatt Hotel)
6 Scotts Road #02-01
Singapore 228209
Tel: +65 6636 2951

Opening hours:
Lunch from 11.30 am to 3 pm with Last Order at 2 pm
Hi-Tea from 2 pm to 4. 30 pm (Sat, Sun and PH only)
Dinner from 6 pm to 10.30 pm with Last Order at 9.30 pm

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