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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pique Nique

I was pretty excited to read that Chef Pang was going to open Pique Nique at Ngee Ann City with a design concept as if you were sitting at Forest like design. Ah, finally, something different at Ngee Ann than those family/group restaurants.

When it was unveiled and opened for business, yes, I was thrilled, the concept certainly refreshing and unique. Must be based on its name 'Pique Nique' which means picnic in French.

Went there to try its All Day Brekkie dishes and was seated next to the window facing KFC Takashimaya. 

The colour scheme, the furnitures, the displays, the chosen font used for its menu and logo was certainly a detailed execution, and the uniform of the waiting staff in checkered shirt with jeans and caps. It certainly fitted the concept

I went there twice and twice I was being hugely disappointed with its service standard; the staff were too inexperienced, the coordination between kitchen and service was terrible, the staff didn't know whether the drinks were available or not. 

I ordered a vanilla milkshake and after 2 mins was being informed, the blender machine was broken then I said ok for Earl Grey tea. After got the Earl Grey tea, almost end of our meal, a vanilla milkshake was delivered to my table. ???????????

Huge flaw in the service here, there was no supervisor to coordinate, everything was in limbo and this still happened after my 2nd visit, few months after the first one.

The brekkie was good, there was no need to add on salt/pepper as it tasted good as it was.

I'd say that Pique Nique wins in its appearance, no doubt; and food also quite good but on the important aspect in dining establishment nowdays, which is the service standard, it has red mark all over it.

Hesitated to give it another shot after 2 shots....

Cute looking menu

Pique Nique under white tree trunk? Cute

Cute tree trunks..and loving the cozy brick wall with hanging lamps

Good idea to alternate the glass window panel, some was opened and some closed, giving some depth

Simple omelette with toast...tasty

The big brekkie; nice fries...

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow..

Cute mugs

Luving the logo...

Pique Nique
Takashimaya SC
Ngee Ann City Tower A 
391A Orchard Road
S 238874
Tel: +65 6238 6705

Opens daily from 10 am to 9.30 pm

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