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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lilin @ Potato Head Beach Club Bali

Our target was Potato Head Bali for our dinner, but it was fully booked despite a month in advanced reservation request; then they offered us Lilin, the new branch of dining section.

I didn't mind to try Lilin as reading from its website, Lilin focused more on South East Asia dishes.

Arrived after sunset, around 7.30 pm and Potato Head section was certainly fully occupied and we were shown to Lilin section, which was like next to it.

It was a very dimmed venue, then we were seated in a long table for sharing, luckily we were on the end of the table, so it wasn't so awkward.

I really don't like this kind of long table for sharing, as it make you sometime face to face with other patrons, side by side with no space in between. A dining area with narrow gap between tables is already make you uneasy to have your conversation, what about this?

Lilin served the dishes as sharing portion, again, since it was so dimmed, you couldn't even saw clearly what dishes you had in front of you.

Food presentation is part of the important experience for diner, so, I think a restaurants who fail to see this point already make a minus point, especially if the food taste great and presentation also take some skills and time to make it.

Waiting staff were friendly but those on reception area was a bit aloof  (similar attitude we met quite often in Bali, but different singing tune if they see Caucasian)

Well, food was okay, but not so fantastic with table and lighting arrangement definitely not appealing. Same kind of lighting I found at Potato Head in Jakarta. Perhaps, its more suited for the drinking and chatting session...

Not the place I wish to revisit if returning to Seminyak. 

The Menu

The long table arrangement, definitely not my liking

The light on top of the table

The fried wanton, it was presented quite nice but it smeared by that too dimmed lighting

The glutinous rice, so cute as they made it into a small cup like shape

This was one of the dish in our platter of 4 different dishes

Potato Beach Club
Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62-361-473 7979

Opens daily from 5.30 pm to Midnight

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