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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Goods Dept. Cafe

It seems endless chic restaurants with bar keep sprouting out in Jakarta, it made me so looking forward for the trip there and either going back to some of fave restaurant if time permits or trying out new ones.

The Goods Dept. Cafe inside The Goods Dept in Plaza Indonesia became one of my faves; the menu are mixed of local and western, it simple but modern and most importantly tasty!

Even I found there was a burger like no other, a Coffee-Rub Burger, my gal pal tried it and commented it was delicious, not a strong coffee smell but hints of it.

Service was prompt and the waiting staff was able to explain the item as well as giving recommendation. Definitely a place to have your simple delicious meals in Plaza Indonesia and browsing through the local designers items won't hurt either.

The simple menu

The drink counter

Looking onto the shop section

Cute blackboards! So Chic with its black and white theme

View from entrance

View to the Cafe from main entrance

My mushroom soup! Luv the big chunk of mushrooms and the garlic bread was so crispy and definitely ain't like normal garlic bread

The Coffee-Rub Burger, nice fries with parmesan cheese shavings

Ordered the Hot Arnold Palmer but ended up ordered the Cold version which was better, refreshing ice tea indeed!

My Nasi Goreng Kampung! Luv this fried rice, with teriyaki chicken, gave hinge of sweetness but the achar was excellent, when you mixed it all, it gave a smashing taste! this nasi goreng definitely my fave item!

*Note: Just received news that The Goods Cafe at PI had closed down and going to re-open at Pacific Place..:(


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