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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monolog Coffee - Dinner

I was very very surprised indeed when I found out there was a cafe serving All Day Breakfast menu in Jakarta. Never thought in a million years that I'd encountered this in Jakarta but voila, Monolog Coffee serving you just that.

It is located in Plaza Senayan (used to be my fave hangout place as the only 'cool' mall around 10 yrs ago), it is on the Ground Floor that used to be furniture shops area facing the open carpark and now being renovated to house 2 restaurants.

Such a cool, casual, laid-back design and atmosphere; it feels like you've been transported to London or NYC wonder it's always pack!

A bit sceptic at first on how the dishes would be but I'd been reading some posts and reviews were good. My dining gal pals even hadn't tried it before even though they regularly visit the mall... ^_^

To my surprise, the breakfast menu I ordered was good, could chose the omelette filings you liked. I heard the coffee was good but since am not coffee drinker so didn't order it. A bit overwhelmed when seeing the menu, didn't know so many breakfast menu out there....

Service was attentive and friendly (as what you encounter most of the time in Indonesia). The waiting staff were knowledgeable about the menu and able to suggest you the popular item in the house.

Definitely a great place to have your all day breakfast meal or just a drink with pastries to go along which being recommended by my gals few weeks after my visit.

Cute typeface on the shelf

Such aid back atmosphere, as if we were not in Jakarta

The pastry counter

My All Day Brekkie...delicious...luving every item on this plate!

The Menu!

You name it, you have it; brekkie sets, salad, pancakes, crepes, sandwiches, etc...

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan Level 1 CP 101 B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Tel: +62 21 5725144

Opens daily from 7 am to 10 pm

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