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Monday, November 7, 2011

Jack Rabbit

Due to the MasterChef Indonesia show I saw on local TV channel, I came to know Chef Juna, studied in the State and carries the 'bad boy' attitude.
So, when I read about Jack Rabbit where he was the Head Chef responsible for the menu, I was intrigued and aimed to try this restaurant.

Location wise was not that appealing to me as it is located in CBD area, it may be ideal for the professional or corporate dinner during weekdays and drinks on the bar which also helmed by a professional bartender.

When we came for dinner on Saturday night, it was clear that only handful of patrons arrived for dinner but it could be full for drinks on later night.

With its dimmed lights, black tables and seats, some intricate panels on 2nd floor, definitely gave a feeling of 'serious' atmosphere.

The bread appetizer came in wooden block and I'd to compliment the breads, it was the benchmark that rest of the food would be delicious.

It was indeed, even though,I felt the main menu selection was a bit limited but it was obvious that it was created into details and not a common ingredients combinations.

I did like how the main courses presentation was, it was nicely presented and somehow it gave an impact for a simple dish.

The girls seemed to be satisfied with their martinis; but said the Mango Martini at Union still an inch better.

A bit lacking of attentiveness by the waiting staff, even abundant of them; but they did give you a friendly service with knowledge on the dishes.

Unfortunately, Chef Juna left the premise just few months before, didn't know where his next venture would be but what we had that night for dinner, certainly is still up to standard and could tell it was his creation all right.

Great for corporate lunch or dinner on weekdays and for drinking session on weekend in a group. Great food, chic modern decor but due to location, I just don't feel like coming back there..

The upstair area, such a intricate panel, for private dining area, maybe?
Simple clean Menu
The cocktails
View to entrance, with divider cabinet for service area
Liked how the breads were presented in wooden block, gave a presentation impact and it were tasty!
The BBQ Beef Ribs with mashed was nicely presented

Pan Seared Duck Breast with gratinated potato, shimeji mushoom, balsamic truffle and orange sauce. It was delicious
My Steak Frites, Grilled US Prime Sirloin with rosemary fries and grilled tomatoes. It was nicely done indeed. And presented in wooden block with fries on the glass cup..clever...
Our dessert,Bailey's and Kahlua Tiramisu, shaved chocolate and almond cream..definitely not the common tiramisu

Cyber 2 Tower, Ground Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said X-5 No. 13, Jakarta 12190
Tel: +62-21-2902-1357

Opening Hours :

Sun to Tue from 11 am to 1 am
Wed to Sat from 11 am to 2 am

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