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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kyoto Food Adventure

During our Kyoto trips, most of the times, we just walked in to any restaurants along our paths. I recalled all of them were thumbs-ups! From excellent service (as most establishments in Japan) to the good food we had.

In Kyoto, you will encounter that majority of restaurants are serving hand-made/home-made dishes compared to easy fix like in Tokyo.

The dishes we had were tasty, fresh, healthy and authentic style. I let the pictures below speak for itself.

Loving Kyoto more after encountering all these great restaurants beside the beautiful city and the people.

Just wander around and walk-in to any traditional/modern restaurants and you will not regret it!

Don't worry if you don't speak any Japanese, most of the menu will be in picture and if not, there will be display set next to entrance which you could point to the staff for ordering. And Enjoy!

This was a Green Tea/Matcha Ice-Cream parlour we passed by, near Kiyozumi-dera area. It was packed on that late afternoon and turned out, all the ice-cream was still made using traditional method of making matcha ice-cream..

From this side

From the other side

So pretty...and yummy for sure..


This was located at Esta building/on top of Kyoto Train Station. A speciality in Tonkatsu and it was a popular restaurant from the look of the crowd that noon. It was more to traditional way of serving instead of the regular Tonkatsu restaurants. Great tonkatsu, excellent service and even though, it was a tight place but you still got a box below your table to put your belongings..Loved it!

Our appetizers..arranged in a compartmental wooden box, so nice...

Tried the Katsu Don..

On the basement area of Esta Building/Kyoto Train Station, there are plenty of restaurants. One restaurant caught our attention due to its Washoku Style display on the entrance and long queue on lunch and dinner time. So, we managed to get in on last day in Kyoto by beating the crowd before dinner time. It is always like seeing an art when you are having washoku style, the intricate and detailed dishes that being presented to you are just wonderful. If you would like to experience authentic washoku in affordable and convenience spot, this will be the good choice.

First time having dessert with mushroom in it..tasted wonderful though..


After going through the photos of Kyoto trip, I realized that we often had our meal on Esta Building/Kyoto Train station area, but you can't avoid it when you see the variety and number of restaurants on the vicinity, screaming 'Convenience' to you when you just going to take the train/after your journey..
This Udon/Soba Speciality restaurant was not my first option at first but then seeing how popular it was, I was intrigued. And I didn't regret trying it, especially after I bought the Soba Cha/Tea made from wheat and just tasted wonderful. They were serving the tea in the restaurant and when I drank this different taste of tea, I was loving it. And they did sell it in package of 500 Yen/Bag.

This restaurant was located at Arashiyama, you would not miss it if you visisted the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and going to the famous river direction. It is located along the road with variety of other restaurants and souvenir shops. It styled as washoku diner with some in table and chair arrangement and some in tatami style. The staff do not speak English but just point out what you want from the window display.
I must said this restaurant had one of the best sobas and tempura I had.

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