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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Social House - Dinner

Social House was so happening when it opened especially it was next/part of Harvey Nichols in Jakarta; 2 years later, Harvey Nichols closed down but Social House / SOHO is still going strong with full tables from breakfast to late nights.
I guess located in the latest and biggest upscale shopping mall gave a helping hand too, I for one, is the one that prefers a good venue with strategic location, either next to mall or inside the mall for the convenience of my window shopping urges…
Ismaya Group is the parent company and they have opened few restaurants with diversified restaurants but by far SOHO was the one that I looked forward the most.
We walk-in patrons with no reservation that night; didn’t mind waiting at the bar/drinking area for our table to be ready. It made us ordering some mocktails, it was refreshing and the appetizer of cooked prawns with dip-in breads.
The menu was extensive, too extensive even, I didn’t know what their menu concept was, it’s like ‘Gado Gado’. I guess they were trying to satisfy as many patrons as possible with both Western or Asian menu.
A bit greedy that night, ordered the fried pop-corn prawn/chicken (? … sorry, this was a late post so didn’t exactly recall), calamari with thai sweet chili sauce, prawn pesto, butter chicken pasta…OMG!
Taste wise was good, didn’t really require intricate cooking skill but definitely up to majority palate.
In my opinion, Ismaya has done fantastic job in selecting the interior design; it’s casual, it’s different, a bit of vintage feel but modern on same time; certainly a cosy corner and you won’t realize you are inside a shopping mall.
I’d luv to return and try other dishes (due to sooooo manyyy selection)
Our Waiting Card, so cute
View from entrance
The Bar/Drink counter
Simple but chic display  
Clever napkin!
Our mocktails

Cooked shrimp in curry sauce with garlic breads, looks could be deceiving, it was quite filling
The Menu
Our shrimp popcorn....I know...shrimp? Again? It tasty though
Our calamari with sweet thai chili sauce, definitely not disappointing
Spicy prawn pesto, I think this was one of SoHo highlight menu
Butter chicken pasta, thumbs up too!
Social House Jakarta
Grand Indonesia, East Mall. 1st Floor
Jakarta, Indonesia, 10310
Tel : +62-21-2358-1818

Opening hours:
Mon to Thu, Sun from 8 am to 10.30 pm
Fri to Sat from 8 am to 12 am

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