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Friday, March 19, 2010

24-Hr Meshiya @ Citadines Karasuma-Gojo

Staying at Citadines Karasuma-Gojo allowed me to encounter this 24-hr restaurant, the chain name is Meshiya, even though there is not any English writing in front of this hop and not even on the menu.

You won't miss it, walking out from Citadines and turn right, walking to the direction of traffic light / cross junction and this restaurant is in between other restaurants.

It opens 24-hour and it serves delicious and hot Japanese dishes, starting from your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. 

Not to mention it IS very affordable to everyone, local and foreigner.

They also proud of their Japanese rice, Oiishi indeed and it's free flow. Ice or warm water also free flow as perhaps what we often encounter in most of Japanese restaurants.

Beside the great food, what I also loved about this restaurant is their interior. They do provide regular table and seat for 4 pax but what is interesting is the counter seats stationed at the middle. It is an example of how considerate and thoughtful Japanese is. It has partition around your face area, there is a line of sunk-in section under the partition where the shared condiments, water, chopsticks are being stationed. It gives the privacy of patrons but still able to share everything without awkwardness. Great!!!!

I had tried their breakfast and dinner and supper at this restaurant during our stay at Citadines.

Great hotel with fantastic affordable 24-hr restaurant next to it, what not to like.

I even missed coming back here on our 2nd trip to Kyoto but unfortunately time forbid so until next time Meshiya...

Love it!

The exterior 

View after door entrance, the middle section

The sunk-in counter for shared condiments, napkins, water, etc...

See how it gives the privacy but still accessible...Luv Luv it..

The Oiishi Rice...really delicious and feel free to top up

No wonder Japanese lives long life as most of the time, they have healthy meals




Dinner..Luving my kaarage and salad

View of Citadines Karasuma-Gojo..fantastic serviced apartment

Such a Zen entrance

What you will likely to encounter when staying in Japan more than 1 night in the hotel.

Our Station

24-Hour Meshiya
Kyoto, Japan

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