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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Skinny Pizza @ Great World City

We like Skinny Pizza, as it ain't like ordinary pizza due to its crackingly thin crispy pizza base and fresh ingredients that comes with it.

This was our first time trying it at Great World City outlet, it was right in across the GV cinema so you won't miss it.

Skinny Pizza interior design concept leaned toward the rustic industrial concept with few difference touches on different outlets.

It was a busy hour when we came around 1 pm and the serving staff were busy hurrying up and down from kitchen window to tables. I did wonder why they looked so busy as the tables were not full and it wasn't a big space.

This time, we only ordered 2 dishes, the English Breakfast pizza and the Squid Ink Paella which quite uncommon to find at other venue.

I guessed it was due to that, the staff, a young girl gave us wrongly for a plate of fries which I didn't order, I was puzzled and questioned her but she said the fries came complimentary with the pizza. Didn't hear clearly when she said which pizza but I thought there was some new adjustment in Skinny Pizza, especially, afteward my pizza came. Luckily we didn't eat it as few mins later, she came back and asked us about which pizza we ordered. Later, she took back the fries and passed it to our right table.. (oh, oh...)

And when it was our pizza turn, the same girl gave it to my left side table, luckily, they didn't order it and luckily, I happened to hear when she said English Breakfast.

So, now, it seemed I got a pass the 'dish' marathon from left to right table.

Too bad, the Pineapple Pitstop, their signature drink was not available at ordering time, so I opted for fresh juice and trying the Rooibos Tea.

Despite the hiccup during the dish serving, we had tried other outlet and didn't find any fault on the serving. In fact, a friend of us liked the staff at Wheelock Place so much, it was one of his fave haunt, especially for the Chai Tea Cake.

I was too full that time to try any of their cakes, it comes in a big portion, mind you...

If you are looking for a good pizza which less carb to boot, Skinny Pizza is a good place to go. It will curb your hunger with a healthier choice of pizza.

Would love to try their Raffles Place outlet next time.. 
The Menu

At the entrance
Squid Ink Paella got a whole page to itself...

The utensils

Rustic Industrial Open Space Concept for this outlet
Right across row of children stores so you gotta expect the hussle and bustle around there

Sad there was no Pineapple Pitstop by the time we came, so fresh Orange Juice it was

The Rooibos Tea Latte
A good tea for our health by the description of it
It kinda light but strong flavour
The English Breakfast Pizza
Here was the fries before it was taken away...

What I liked from this pizza was the combination of the egg, crispy bacons, wild rockest and mushrooms..
Or was it because I do like English Breakfast in original form so that's why I like this? :-)
By having this pizza, it was like having an All-In-One English Breakfast

The Squid Ink Paella with Seafood

In my opinion, it was one of the good paellas I have tried; the flavours balanced so well and you could felt the freshness in all the ingredients
Skinny Pizza Great World
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel +65 6235 0644

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu: 1130 – 2200HRS
Fri – Sun: 1100 – 2200HRS
(Last order at 2130HRS)

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