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Monday, May 27, 2013

Nana's Green Tea Cafe

Plaza Singapura mall has never been my regular mall to visit as I feel it gears toward family oriented and teenager patrons. So, when I read there were a lot of new establishments in the mall and new extension over the MRT station, my curiosity was piqued.

Walking through the new extension, you would encounter few Japanese establishments and this one caught my eyes, as I was a fan on Green Tea / anything with Matcha word on it.

The interior reflected the Japanese simplicity but with a new concept of having hanging tables. However, it felt a bit lost and not outstanding enough even though they were the first to have this concept. I believe they could work better on the colour scheme to give it the space more design zest.

We walked in as 2 pax but the young waiting staff showed us to a table of 6 pax, I was a bit puzzled as there were other smaller vacant tables but didn't fuss for it, perhaps they thought it was still non-peak hour (?)

Most of the staff were young adults and they did look slightly inexperienced on waiting tables but they were courteous and friendly.

Dishes offered were quite Japanese dishes standard, only few were different. Perhaps, I expected more diversity on its dishes with innovative green tea idea on the meal and not only drink menu.

The matcha drink menu was certainly extensive but I didn't know why it didn't really make the target for me. As for dessert menu, it was pretty standard and quite limited in my opinion.

The staff inexperience shown when our drinks came. It was served in a tall glass with a scoop of ice cream, there was a straw but there were no long spoon that came with it, we waited a while, called up them and then it was delivered together with the dining utensils.

I am a fans of Matcha drinks but Nana's didn't really satisfy my craving. Perhaps if we give it a time for them to mature in their menu and service, I would gladly return.

The Big Menu
Some of the matcha drink menu
The hanging tables
This concept alone was great but the somehow the area still felt a bit bare
Installed lighting was a good idea, I think it may work better in other colour scheme for the whole area, to make it more attractive
This was my matcha with a scoop of matcha ice cream, yes, it was bitter and it was served with separate sugar to add in

Cafe Mocha
It was pretty decent

The utensils provided

The Waka Tama Udon
Udon with seaweed and poached eggs in a light brothwith spring onion
It was a healthy delicious udon, I would order this if I visit here again

The Chicken Teriyaki Don
This was also a decent chicken teriyaki don 

Nana's Green Tea Cafe (Plaza Singapura)
68 Orchard Road
#03-80/82 Plaza Singapura
Tel: +65-66844312

Opens daily from 11 am to 10 pm

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